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In our daily life, all of us use the beautiful application in our Android devices. Even YouTube application for Android devices does not provide many features, there are several modified versions of the application available in the market for you to choose from. Among several modified version of the YouTube application, YouTube Vanced is considered as the best version of the YouTube application available for Android devices. There are several features offered by YouTube Vanced which are not available in the official version of the YouTube application.

Download YouTube Vanced APK

Everyone loves to watch videos on YouTube, YouTube is the largest music and video library available in the market. All the official version of the YouTube application does not provide many features to the Android device users. To add extra features to your YouTube application, you can use the modded version of the YouTube application available in the market. There is various modification of the YouTube application which you can choose, each and every one of those applications is having several similar features along with unique ones.

download youtube vanced apk

Out of those modified versions of the YouTube application, you can use the YouTube Vanced application for Android devices which comes with several extra features compared to the official version of the YouTube application. Application is also having inbuilt ad blocking feature; ads are the most annoying thing which disturbs you while watching videos in the YouTube application. Even most of the features which are available in the YouTube premium version are also provided by the YouTube Vanced modded application for free.

Key Features of YouTube Vanced:

These are the key features of the YouTube Vanced application for Android devices. Know the following features before installing this application in your Android devices.

youtube vanced apk download for android

  • The application provides an inbuilt ad blocking feature for Android devices.
  • It is also having the ability to background playback without using the YouTube premium version.
  • The application also provides the Black or dark theme in the application for Android devices.
  • The application is having forced HDR mode which gives you the best video quality.
  • Pinch and zoom for toggling the ratio of the screen size are also available for all the devices.
  • The application can be also used in the picture in picture mode.
  • Gesture control for volume and brightness are also available as swipe controls in the application.

Guide for Installing YouTube Vanced for Android Devices:

These are the complete steps for installing the YouTube Vanced application on your Android devices. Read the complete guidelines carefully before installing the YouTube Vanced application on your Android device.

  1. Click on the link provided below this article and copy the URL in the clipboard of your Android device.
  2. Now open any internet browser in your Android device.
  3. Go to address bar of the internet browser of your Android device and paste the copied URL.
  4. Now click on the go button in order to open the URL in your internet browser.
  5. The URL will open up the download website for the YouTube Vanced for Android devices.
  6. After the download website gets opened up in your Android device, click on the download button to download the YouTube Vanced APK file in your Android device.
  7. Wait for the YouTube Vanced APK to get installed in your Android device, the duration of the download is depending on the speed of the internet connection which you are using in your Android device.
  8. After the YouTube Vanced APK file is download in your Android device, go to the Android device settings and enable the install from unknown sources option.
  9. Now use the file explorer application and go to the downloads folder of your Android device. You can also use the internet browser to go to the download section of the browser and locate the YouTube Vanced APK file.
  10. Tap on the YouTube Vanced APK file and let it install in the Android device.
  11. It will take few moments to get the YouTube Vanced APK file installed in your Android device.
  12. After the installation process is completed, you can see the app icon of the YouTube Vanced in the app list of Android device.
  13. Launch the application from the app list and start using the YouTube Vanced application in your Android device.

Wrapping Things Up:

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If you love watching YouTube videos in your YouTube application for Android devices, then YouTube Vanced will definitely boost your experience with YouTube. We have collected various information about the YouTube Vanced and posted them in this article for you. We have also provided important features along with the installation guide and listed them in this article for you. Share this useful article with other YouTube users, so that they get to choose the best-modded version of the YouTube application known as YouTube Vanced.

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