How To Fix Xinput1_3.dll Not Found or Missing Errors

To troubleshoot the problem, we will start by studying the root problem and then we will fix the same.

First of all, the Xinput1_3.dll file which we are talking about here is a dynamic link library component which consists of executable functions and other utilities used by the operating system in order to execute the programs in a sequential manner. Xinput1_3.dll is a dynamic link library component which is used to operate the inputs from an Xbox controller in your windows machine.

If you are a gamer, you must have surely heard about DirectX.

For those who don’t know, it is a technology developed by Microsoft which consists of application programming interfaces which sees to it that the multimedia and most importantly the games which you play are handled smoothly. It was initially known as Direct and continued with the names Direct3D,DirectDraw,DirectMusic,DirectPlay, and DirectSound respectively.

The reason that there are errors related to Xinput1_3.dll is because they are not present in all the windows machines and they might not be present in your system due to installation of an older version of DirectX or maybe an installation error caused by a third party program. Another reason might be that the file is corrupted or the windows operating system is not able to process the file present on your drive. There are a magnitude of reasons which are possible so let’s continue with the solution.

The reasons can vary from system to system and that is the reason we are going to present multiple solutions which work on all Windows machines globally. Follow our hassle free guide to make sure you cover each and every possibility to fix the xinput1_3.dll not found, xinput1_3.dll is missing and other errors caused by the DLL file.

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FIX Xinput1_3.dll Not Found or Missing Error

FIX 1 – Restart

  • The very first thing which has a chance to fix almost all the errors due to the problems in your operating system is restarting your OS.
  • Reboot(restart) your device and if the problems are still unsolved after you reboot your device then you may proceed to the next fix.

FIX 2 – Update

  • Well, maybe your DirectX isn’t updated, does not have that file present or the file has been corrupted.
  • To rule out the possibilities of that, just reinstall or update your DirectX.
  • You can download and install a DirectX Web installer from Microsoft
  • If you have DirectX 10-12 , they are already built-in in the Windows system itself and there are no updates available for them. You have to update them using the Windows Update utility. To continue with the Windows Update utility, follow the steps below:
    1. Go to Settings and open Update & Security.
      xinput1_3.dll not found
    2. Click the Check for updates button and you should see the following screen –
      xinput1_3.dll is missing
    3. Check whether there is an update available for your DirectX version.
    4. If you have an installation disc or something like that for the software piece which you are trying to run, then check whether it consists a DirectX installer or not and then use the same accordingly.

FIX 3 – Using other devices which include the Xinput1_3.dll file

The error which you are facing can also be fixed by simply copying a file from another computer.

Just find a computer which is able to run the same software which you want to run in your system.

  1. Open the C drive.
  2. Search and open the System32 folder which is inside the Windows folder.
    xinput1_3.dll missing
  3. Search for the Xinput1_3.dll file and then you can copy and paste that file in your system in the exact location as that PC.
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FIX 4 – Updating the GPU driver

There are certain versions of graphics drivers which are known to cause a ruckus with the Microsoft DirectX and this could be the result of the GPU driver which you are using.

Updating your graphics driver to the latest version should resolve any errors which are caused by faulty and out-dated drivers.

FIX 5 – Clean the Registry

Download a registry cleaner software which you prefer from a reliable source. Perform a registry cleaning scan to resolve xinput1_3.dll not found and xinput1_3.dll is missing errors.

There are a multitude of sources which give out their piece of software totally free of cost maybe on a trial basis or on a freemium business model.


We know the above processes are a bit long so try to use the shorter solutions first and hopefully, they will solve your errors in no time. If you still have any doubts or you are stuck somewhere, feel free to comment below and we will be happy to assist you.


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