Wsappx High Disk Usage on Windows 10 [FIXED]

The world is moving towards automation these days to ease our day to day chores and help us with our lifestyle, right from setting the room temperature to making coffee at a scheduled time. One of the major time-consuming activity for the windows users is RAM management. Windows is the only operating system that needs more RAM to work efficiently. The user has to open the task manager and close the RAM consuming unnecessary apps. That being said, let us see how Wsappx app a background application that will be seen while we open the task manager.

wsappx high disk usage

Wsappx will be seen consuming up to 8-10% of memory on Microsoft Windows Operating systems, from version 8 and above. Suspending this app will save a lot of disk resources, but an average Windows user, who doesn’t know the usage of this app will be in a dilemma, whether to end this task or to continue using it since it is an app running in the background and may kill some features that are required to run OS. In this article, we will learn about what are the uses of Wsappx and if you can kill this process to save disk resources.

Microsoft has launched windows store along with Windows 8. Wsappx helps to install, uninstall, and update the applications which are installed from Windows store. This application also updates the updating the preinstalled application (default applications) in the windows.

What Exactly is Wsappx?

As discussed above, the Wsappx is introduced in Windows 8 and is continued to be integrated with Windows 10 and later. The dependency service to Wsappx on windows 8 is Windows Store Service. On Windows 10 it is Client License Service(ClipSVC). One can see the dependency services, by expanding the Wsappx process that is running in the task manager.

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Is Wsappx a Virus?

A known application consuming more RAM and disk resources are considered to be a virus because computer viruses and malware have evolved to be a significant threat, especially for Windows users. Computer viruses are the third-party applications, build to destroy a victim machine or to track the sensitive data of the user. Since Wsappx was introduced by Microsoft, it is not a virus. Its role is to update, install and uninstall the applications on Windows computer.

Why does Wsappx Consume so much RAM?

Let us dive into the most awaited topic, why do this application consume about 8-10% of the resources on a CPU. This background application uses the resources only while updating, installing and uninstalling the applications from Windows store. Applications which has automatic update turned on will trigger this background application automatically.

The users can turn off the automatic update of an application in the Windows store. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Windows Store.
  2. Click on the user icon on the top right corner of the window.
  3. Click on Settings.
    wsappx high disk
  4. Set the slider under “Update apps automatically” to off.

If you ever have a change of mind you can follow the above steps and set the slider to on.

By setting the “update apps automatically” we can not reduce the usage of CPU. But we can only restrict when to update the apps, that is when we don’t need much RAM for the processes running.

Can I disable the Wsappx app?

This app doesn’t run all the time as a background process. It will be triggered when Windows need the application. To examine this launch an app which is installed from the Windows store, you can see ClipSVC in the task manager. The same way, you can see SppXSVC in the task manager when Windows Store is opened. You can also see Wsappx when an application is installing, uninstalling, updating applications in Windows Store.

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Disabling Wsappx services is not recommended by Windows. We cannot forcibly kill this process.


We can only restrict the usage of Wsappx, as this app helps to manage the applications installed from Windows Store. As Windows continuously releases the updates for preinstalled applications, it is not recommended to switch off the auto updates. However, one can choose to switch off auto updates when they need more resources for the process and turn on the auto updates once the system resources are free.

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