[FIXED]World of Warcraft was unable to start up 3D Acceleration error on Windows 10

There have been reports saying that the people who have been playing World of Warcraft experienced issues while they were in game.

The game suddenly freezes and they have to close it using the Task Manager and people who face this issue usually think this issue as a normal one and try to open the executable file of the game again as if nothing happened.

The Windows Operating System blocks them from opening the file because of errors in it and the Windows OS keeps popping up an alert box stating the error statement ‘World of Warcraft was unable to start up 3d acceleration’.

When this happens, suddenly, the user won’t be able to play the game or even execute it and start searching for fixes available on the internet. This guide has been created for the sole purpose of solving that issue.

This error is common and a lot of users keeps on looking for the fixes online but they are dispersed and sometimes lost in hassle too. That is the reason we created this guide so that all the possible fixes are stated here and there is no need to go through diverse sources to look for the fixes.

Sometimes, this issue is faced only with a particular game (World of Warcraft in this case) and in some cases, this issue might just spread out and all the games which use similar feature might get blocked due to this error.

Because the following error is only related to the games containing 3D graphics, the games which run on 2D engines will run without any harm. Some gamers report that they received an error called “Failed to initialize Direct3D” when they tried to run other games. Below, we will state the possible causes of this error which we are facing here:

  • The graphical drivers (video card drivers) are corrupted or not updated.
  • The settings which are implemented in game (most probably custom settings) are bad
  • The optimization which was done by the game engine to make it run smooth in full screen is bad
  • The DirectX version which your computer has might be old
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Some users suddenly experience the ‘World of Warcraft was unable to start up 3d acceleration’ issue while playing the game and for some MMO players, they experienced the issues while using the Public Test Realm.

This is the reason, we should always check in game settings. There might be a high load on the video card due to high graphics settings. This leads the graphics card to fail which ultimately results in these sort of errors.

Another reason might be the malware infections cause because of an infected file download either by the user or automatically by the browser, depending on which website has been visited. These infections meddle with executable files, ocx files, registry entries and dynamic link libraries which are the root of any software that help them to run on your operating system smoothly.

That is the reason, you must scan your computer to prevent from a malware attack using the antivirus software which you possess. In case there is no antivirus software available already on your computer, you can download one for free. All you have to do is search for the free antivirus software using google and you will get a ton of results for it. Make sure you download the one from a trusted and reliable source (Example: Avast Free Antivirus) so that it successfully destroys the infections if they are present in your system.

There is third party software available to fix this issue automatically but we recommend that you follow our guide to manually solve it. Because most of the applications which are available are not totally trusted.

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How to fix World of Warcraft was unable to start up 3D Acceleration Error

Fix 1: Untick the full screen optimization option

  1. Open the World of Warcraft installation folder.
  2. Right click on the main executable application file and click Properties
  3. Click on Compatibility and Disable the Full Screen Optimization Option
  4. Click the Apply button

The above things must be repeated for all the games which are causing the errors in case they work for you.

Fix 2: Uninstall and reinstall the GPU card drivers

  1. Search for Device Manager
    world of warcraft was unable to start up 3d acceleration
  2. Open it and right click the Graphics drivers
  3. Select the “Delete the driver software from this device” option
  4. Click on Uninstall
  5. Reboot

Try to start the game. If it does not work, update the drivers

Fix 3: Update GPU drivers

  • Follow the above steps to open up the Device Manager
    world of warcraft unable to start up 3d acceleration
  • Right click on the driver and select the Update Driver label this time
  • Click the Search Automatically button and wait
  • Once done, reboot your computer


Above are the shortest but the most effective methods to fix these errors in case you are facing them. Make sure you thoroughly follow each and every step in order to completely eradicate the errors which you are facing. We hope this guide helps you solve your errors. Good luck!


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