How to fix Potential Windows update database error detected Issue?

Yes, even though windows OS has been there for a long time, the windows 10 we have today after so many versions still faces some errors. The developers and the company should not be blamed for this because they always do their best and even release updates in order to prevent and patch the bugs. In this article, our experts tackle the issue of Potential Windows update database error detected.

You will sometimes face the errors out of nowhere and that will make you feel frustrated.

The ‘when and what’ of why Potential Windows update database error detected happens:

If you see a Potential Windows update database error detected as a notification, there is a chance that something is hindering with the updates which you are receiving from the windows update centre.

This error might have a lot more cases than we describe here. We will only discuss the issues which are more common (the fix can solve any other issues you are facing) because we don’t want this to turn into a 200-page read.

Common sources of this error:

  • You are trying to fetch an update using the official update software provided by Windows 10
  • You used an option provided by Windows, related to repairing up the Windows date functionality which patches your components
  • You used a troubleshooter provided by the Windows OS in order to fix the update components issues
  • You manually hindered with the files of your updates and tried to replace them with other files
  • The registry system of your Windows operating system is corrupted

We know the above issues which we mentioned might seem like they are a bigger deal than the ones we usually face. You do not need to worry because we will provide you with fixes which are simple to follow.

All the above problems will not be persistent and you will surely be able to fix them if you follow our full-fledged guide.

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We have collected all the fixes available everywhere and put them into one place. Generally, you would have to jump from one website to another in search of a tutorial but you won’t need to do that in our case.


The very first thing you should do before following the steps to solve this issue is to back all your data files up.

By doing this, you can go all out on any fixes we provide and this will make sure that all you need to do is make a few clicks in order to restore your system just in case something goes wrong.

To do this, we need to create a restore point

  • Press the Start + S key in order to open up a dialog and type restore in the input field
    a Potential Windows update database error detected
  • Open up the System properties and select the create option
    potential windows update database error detected
  • Now all you have to do is describe a restore point and click the create button

In case you mess up anything, like the configuration files which are really important to avoid errors, you can simply turn back time by using the restore point you created. All you need to do is:

  • Open up the Control panel
    windows update database error
  • Click on System and security
    potential windows update database error detected 2018
  • Open the File History
    potential windows update database error detected not fixed
  • Click on Recovery and open System restore
    windows update database corruption
  • Click next and select the restore point you created
  • Click next > Finish > Yes

Another thing you could do is back up your registry files:

  • Press the Start + R button
  • Type regedit and press the enter key
  • Open up the Registry editor
  • Click on the file option and then select export
  • Select your location and name the backup file
  • Save it

To restore:

  • Start + R > Regedit > file > import > import the registry file > browse and find the registry file > open

How to solve Potential Windows update database error detected

Fix 1 – Utilizing the Windows Update troubleshooter

This tool is one of the best functionalities which Windows provids you with in order to troubleshoot any issue and potentially fix it.

In case you have not already used this to solve the issue, use it right now because it is a part of the Windows system by default.

  • Open the Start menu
  • Open up the Control panel
  • Open Troubleshooting
  • Click on the Systems and security option
  • Click on fix problems with Windows update
  • A screen will pop up with the instructions, follow them.
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In case the above method does not work for you, move on to the next fix

Fix 2 – Run SFC Scan

This is again something built into the Windows by default. You can use the SFC functionality to fix all your errors and bring your Operating System to the optimal state.

  • Open Start menu
  • Open the command prompt (run as administrator)
  • Enter the commands DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /scanhealth, DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth one by one and press enter after entering each of them
  • Wait for the process to complete and there is a chance that it will take a while
  • Restart your system

Fix 3 – Restoring the system

What this will do is restore the system to its optimal state by restoring to a point where it was error free or with the least bit of errors.

  • Open the Start menu
  • Open Control panel
  • Go to System and security > File history> Recovery
  • Open System restore> click next
  • Select the point which you’d like to restore > click next, click finish and then yes


The above methods should surely solve all the issues which you are facing because of Potential Windows update database error detected and they should make sure that all your errors vanish. If this guide does not work, it is best that you perform a clean installation of the Windows OS so that you waste no more time on hundreds of other solutions (totally worth it).


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