Fixed: Windows Explorer Crashing Issue in Windows 10

In case you are having an annoying problem which causes the file explorer application to crash in the Windows 10 Operating System. Do not worry, because a good amount of people have been experiencing the same problem. We finally decided to look up this problem and devise custom fixes for you so that you can easily get around this problem and finally open up the file explorer without having to go through the crashing mayhem.

Even though you update your Windows 10 devices in order to get the security patched up and the bugs fixed, it always seems like new bugs are introduced when the old ones go away. This has been a streak maintained by the Windows Operating System.

There are different circumstances due to which the Windows Explorer keeps crashing. Some of them are:

  • Using the search input functionality provided to the user by the Windows OS in the file explorer itself
  • Modifying the files or folders
  • Using the cut-paste and copy-paste functions in order to change or duplicate the file to another location

Different computers use different configurations and that is the reason each and every different set of configuration might lead to a different set of root causes. That is the reason we have compiled this guide in order to completely cover all the possibilities so that you do not need to jump from one website to another searching for the fix specific to your configuration. We have collected all the legit fixes from all the sources available on the internet as well as off the internet so that you can completely fix this problem no matter what the situation.

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There have been instances where the users have cause irreversible damage to their systems. The damage is caused by the misconfiguration of certain files which are important to the operating system. Make sure you create a system restore point so that your system will be recoverable and you can go all out on all the fixes which are mentioned below.

Fix File Explorer Crashing in Windows 10

Fix 1: Using Event Manager

  1. Press the Start + R keys in order to open up the run dialog.
  2. Type in the command eventvwr and press the enter key.
    windows explorer keeps crashing
  3. This should open up the Event Viewer.
    windows 10 explorer keeps crashing
  4. Alternatively, you can search the term event viewer in the windows search bar and open the result which shows up.
  5. Expand the option known as Windows logs and then select the System logs option.
    windows 10 file explorer crashes
  6. Check out all the errors which show the white exclamation mark with a red background and you will be able to find the root cause of the issue which is causing the explorer process to crash.
  7. In case it is related to some application which you do not use or is a third part app, make sure that you remove that application and find an alternative.

Fix 2: Debugging the problem

  1. Search for the Reliability History Monitor in the Start menu.
  2. Click on the option which says view reliability history.
  3. After some time, it will show you a report which will help you find the root cause of why the Windows OS keeps on crashing the explorer.
  4. In a good amount of cases, we found that the main problem is the IDTNC64.cpl which is incompatible with Windows 10.
  5. Press the Start + Q key combination in order to open up the search functionality.
  6. Search for CMD in the search bar and press open up the first result with admin privileges.
  7. Use the command: ren IDTNC64.CPL IDTNC64.CPL.old and make sure to press the enter key so that this command has been executed.
  8. Close everything and reboot your computer in order for all the changes to take effect.
  9. In case you were unable to use the command, press the Start + R key combinations in order to open up the run dialog.
  10. Type services.msc in the input box and press the enter key.
  11. Find and stop the Windows Error Reporting Service.
  12. Open control panel and uninstall the application named IDT audio and this should fix the problems.
  13. Make sure you restart your computer so that the changes take a system wide effect.
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This is one of the best guides you can use in order to fix the Windows File Explorer is crashing issue. Make sure to follow each and every step under each and every fix so that you can find the root cause and solve it easily. We hope that this guide helps you. Good luck.


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