Best Windows Explorer Alternatives for Windows PC [2020]

Windows explorer is undoubtedly the first choice of all the PC users for converting the files and other tasks. There is no doubt that window explorer is very accessible and has several amazing features. However, there are many alternatives to windows explorer that are equally wonderful and work best for the PC. Some of them are mentioned below:

9 Best Windows Explorer Alternatives For Windows

Explorer ++

Best windows explorer alternatives

Explorer ++ is a wonderful alternative to windows explorer and looks identical to it. It is an open-source file manager and suitable for those who want a light experience with open source touch. Its features include folder tabs, one drive integration, bookmarking tabs, and directory listing. The impeccable highlight of explorer++ is its dual-pane that allows you to browse the multiple files more efficiently. It has a customizable user interface and performs all the essential functions like sorting, filtering, moving, combining, and splitting files. Apart from this, it enables you to modify the dates and attributes of the files. There is no need to install this software. You can store it in your PC and use it whenever you want.


Best windows explorer alternatives for pc

Tagspaces is a distinctive application among the list of best windows explorer alternative for PC. It is not a fully-fledged file manager app but helps you with managing and transferring of files and folders. With Tagspaces, you can create easy to access categories to find files easily. It helps in saving a lot of time and effort as you can readily find any file from the system by categorizing it with a unique name like college assignments, family pictures, etc. It is highly compatible with all the major operating systems like windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

Free commander

Best windows explorer alternatives for windows

As the name suggests, the free commander is free to access for PC. It has some astonishing features like splitting and combining files, zipping and unzipping of archive files, rename the batches, and many more. It has dual pane support that allows you to move files from one folder to another conveniently. It also lets you add a folder tab for each pane that enables smooth browsing of data. Other than this, it also opens network drives along with local files and folders. Overall, it is an excellent alternative to the windows explorer for PC.

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Total commander

Best windows explorer alternatives 2019

A total commander is a suitable tool for those who have the routine task of moving a large number of files. The application keeps on updating and adding new features to it, making it more accessible for its users. It helps you track progress, pause/stop file sharing, resume file transfer, and adjusting the speed of transmission. It also allows you to install the various plugin for a file format, which was earlier not permitted. You can also compare the files based on the file content, split and merge files, and file synchronization. It is supportive of many archive formats like ZIP, RAR, GZ, and TAR. The search option of the total commander adds to the comfort of using this software for PC.

Directory opus

Directory Opus is an old file manager and an excellent alternative to windows explorer. It gives you a choice between selecting a single-pane view and a dual-pane view. It has an intuitive user interface, which makes it more comfortable to use. Its ‘file tree’ feature provides convenience in browsing the directories and finding a particular file from the device quickly. Other features include a ‘search option’ that allows search files through multiple directories. It permits you to add tags and descriptions to any file you want. It also lets you assign indicators like colors, icons, and ratings to any file for easy identification. The software allows a 30-day free trial to access the various functions within it.


Q-dir, also known as a quad explorer, provides a four-pane view, unlike others that offer a dual-pane view. However, its pane is adjustable, and you can organize them in horizontal and vertical affirmative, whoever suits you. The main objective behind creating this four-pane view is to handle multiple files and folders at a single point of time. It allows easy customization for files to give it a more handy appearance. It saves your folder data so that you can resume the work wherever you left.


Clover is a perfect choice for those users who like the Tab based approach. It is not completely an alternative to windows explorer, but it adds on to the functionality of default explorer. It helps you to open multiple instances of explorer without cluttering your desktop with multiple windows. Additionally, it gives you the option to bookmark your important files and folders. You can do so by dragging the folder in the space below the tab titles. It also supports shortcuts like for new Tab (cntrl+T), close a tab (Cntrl +W) and switch between tabs (cntrl+ Tab)

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XYplorer is a portable software, i.e., can be moved from one device to another without installation. It has a smooth and decent interface that allows the transfer of files and folders more smoothly and effectively. It supports a variety of shortcuts so that you can access the desktop through your keyboard only. Its mini tree feature helps you with easy navigation within directories, content search, identify duplicate files, support commands, and more. The only limitation of this app is that it is not available for free to use. You have to purchase it to take advantage of its impressive characteristics.


Fman is the last option in the list of best windows explorer alternatives for PC. It is self-descriptive- Go to on steroids. The best part about this software is it is compatible with cross-operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. Its feature consists of opening multiple directories and easy transferring of files between folders. It also offers plugin support and keyboard shortcuts to provide ease of working. However, if you are not a tech person, then this app is not mainly for you.

Final words

So we have tried our best to incorporate the best windows explorer alternatives. The software mentioned above is best to use and provide similar or additional benefits for default windows explorer.

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