How to uninstall Driver Update by Slimware Utilities?

People sometimes find out weird things residing on their computer. One of them is the applications which are not manually installed by the user but somehow they are present in the system that is owned by the particular user.

One of the most annoying issues recently occurring in the Microsoft Windows 10 Operating Systems is notification by a driver update utility known as the Driver Update by Slimware Utilities. This is a con software which tricks the users into thinking it is legit. This so called update utility tells the users that it will help them update the drivers in Windows. Not only that, but it will try to convince the users to buy premium services in their domain is totally outrageous.

Our security professionals have repeatedly told the users to remove this Slimware Driver Update Utility as soon as possible. They detect this Utility as a virus which wants to extract money from the users and it might not stop even after extracting money, which turns it into a recurring payments thing.

Trust us, you do not need to update your computer drivers using these types of shady applications which asks for money. There are many utilities which are available free of cost as well and you can easily download any update on your computer’s operating system from the respective official websites.

Other applications which are in this niche surely won’t cause a problem with your systems because the developers who made those applications are not thieves. If you want to get rid of this dirty application, follow the steps we have tailored for you.

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We have combined all the different answers available using different sources and made an all in one guide for you. The reason is, there is not a single fix which works for everybody and different situations require different methods. We do not want you to suffer the agony of jumping from website to website searching for answers, so make sure you follow this all in one guide.

Similar to other unwanted applications, this application enters your computer by exploiting the vulnerabilities present in your system and downloads itself. This also exposes your browsers to a risk of potentially unwanted and spamming toolbars as well as extensions.

There are several reasons due to which your computer might have been exposed:

  • Inserted an external data storage device which was already malicious
  • Used a malicious website
  • Emails containing virus
  • Infected torrent files
  • Opting for a file sharing P2P program


  • Bad undesired advertisements, pop ups
  • Website redirects
  • Trash Emails
  • Weird home page link changes
  • Affiliate advertisements

Steps to remove the Driver Update by Slimware Utilities:

Fix 1: Remove Potentially Unwanted Program

  • End the process of the program which is creating a problem with your PC
  • You can use the Task Manager to do that
    slimware utilities
  • Open the Start menu and select the search bar
  • Search for the Control Panel
  • Once you open the Control Panel, search for Programs and Features
  • Inside the Programs and Features section, click the Uninstall a Program option
  • Find the unwanted software (probably named after the task which you ended)
  • Right click the name of that PUP and click Uninstall
  • Press Start + R keys
  • Type regedit and click Ok
    how to remove slimware utilities from my computer
  • Go to the Edit section and find Slimware
  • Remove each and every key related to it
  • Open My Computer and search for the term Slimware
  • Destroy anything you find that relates to it
  • Restart your Personal Computer
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Fix 2: Perform Clean Boot

  • Tap the Start + R key
  • Type msconfig in the Run dialog
    how to remove slimware utilities from my computer
  • Open the Services tab and hide all the services related to Microsoft
  • Then proceed to Disable all the services
    slimware utilities holdings
  • Restart your Personal Computer after you have applied all of the changes
  • Open the Run dialog once more
  • Type msconfig and hit Enter
  • Go to the Start Up tab and disable all the things which are heavy (high impact)
  • Reboot your computer


This is the best guide you can use to solve your issues. Deleting the Update Utility virus surely won’t be that big of a problem if you have used this guide. Other guides will surely complicate the issues and go into too much detail wasting your time. We have the methods which are the most optimal and time saving for you. We hope we have fixed your errors. Good luck!


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