How To Get Twitch Stream Key 2020 [UPDATED]

Twitch is a video streaming service owned by Amazon. It was founded in 2011 and initially focused only on streaming videos and games. Twitch has digital content recorded every month, with more than 2 million unique visitors sharing content over the platform, the Twitch Partners program has become quite popular among people. If you want to get Twitch login access, you need to use the Twitch Stream Key with streaming software to get easy access. Here we have listed easy steps to help you get started with Twitch stream. Have a look!

How To Get Twitch Stream Key

Log-in to your Twitch account. After you log in to the account,  the first thing to do is click on the username on the top right corner and select the dashboard from the drop-down.
how to get twitch stream key
On the left-hand side menu, look for Settings and click on the Channel tab.
how to find twitch stream key

Now locate the Primary Stream Key tab and click on Copy. This will copy your twitch stream key to your clipboard.
where to find twitch stream key

Note: Do not share your twitch stream key with anyone. Anyone who has your twitch stream key can stream to your channel! Twitch Staff, Admins, or Global Moderators will never ask you for this information.

How To Add Twitch Stream Key To Open Broadcast Software

If you wish to add the stream key to the OBS, follow the steps mentioned. First, you go to go to OBS then click File, followed by Settings. In the popup, click stream from the left panel to input Twitch as the Service to opt. The following step is to choose a server location that’s closest to you. Once done, paste in your Twitch stream key and click Apply.

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OBS is powerful open-source software, and if you want flexibility, this might be the right choice for you. Streamlabs have added a new interface to ease the use of both SLOBS and OBS. They provide additional features such as built-in chat, redesigned themes for your stream, and face masks, making him is an awesome software to use. Another advantage of SLOBS having more OBS encoding is that it is not only easy to set up but is also high in quality. According to, these are simple tips to get started with your first stream.

1. Create Your Streamlabs Account

Streamlabs are not necessarily required to start streaming. It is a great tool to enhance streaming in various ways. Streamlabs have everything you need. With Streamlab, you can easily add shortcuts, events, and more to your stream. Include speech text, links such as daily goals and subscriber counts, donation events, and a safe way to receive donations all using this software. These features are a  part of the most widely used Streamlab, but it has a range of endless useful tools, and we strongly recommended users to try these features.

2. Add Overlay Twitch

Based on Streams. Tv, stream is the industry’s first fully-integrated web-based overlay service for Twitch. All stream layers are created using HTML and CSS that have an easy and intuitive interface. As you know, the flow without any layer often tends to look a bit boring, so adding someone can help improve the viewing experience and increase the involvement of the user.

3. Perform the test flow

Although you might be a newbie at the beginning, you should know the software in and out. Capture your screen for a few minutes and make sure it runs smoothly, and your sound and audio are adjusted accordingly. You can check your test flow results with the Twitch checker page on your dashboard.

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4. Start by playing your favorite game

This may seem obvious, but many streamers tend to jump to where the game is currently running. It does not matter if they enjoy the game or not. So while Fortnite and League of Legends may have a lot of viewers, it will not matter if you’re miserable when playing it. So go ahead and start playing your favorite game right away!

5. Associate with other Streamers

One good practice for streamers when it first started was to talk to the audience as much as possible, even when no one seems to revert. This may feel awkward initially, but do not worry, it will start to feel normal in no time. This will make you more confident, and eventually, you will associate better with streamers.

In conclusion, Twitch is faster than Stream and RTMP servers. Log in to your Twitch account in the built-in Action Manager account and press the “LIVE” button to start streaming with Twitch. If you like video games, you may refer to Twitch. It is one of the best places for live video game broadcasting. Furthermore, according to, Twitch has attracted a unique monthly audience of 140 million, who spend hours watching two million-plus platforms playing everything from Fortnite to World of Warcraft to live performances and many more. Have fun, twitching!

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