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Twitch is the popular online streaming website which is predominantly used for streaming video game playthroughs. However, if you ask PewDiePie fans, it is a website that has been taken over by cam girls. But that isn’t why we are here. We are here to resolve a problem that a lot of people seem to be encountering as of late. The issue of a black screen in Google Chrome while trying to stream a video on Twitch. So what are the possible causes for this? Well, let us dive in and learn how to fix twitch black screen issue.

Twitch Black Screen Google Chrome FIX :

Cache & Cookies Overload

A lot of the times, we forget to clean our cookies and cache. As a result, data begins to pile up and takes up valuable memory space. A lot of users have found that clearing your cache and cookies will often time resolve the twitch black screen issue on chrome.

twitch black screen

Browsing data

Clearing your browser history has always been advised for a lot of said and unsaid reasons. Just like cache and cookies, not clearing your browser history will also take up a lot of memory and disk space. Often, this lack of memory and disk space is what causes the twitch black screen 2018 in Chrome. So, clear your browsing history, and it just might resolve your black screen error.

twitch black screen chrome

Go Incognito

Almost everyone has used the incognito mode once or twice. Most of the times, it is used to indulge in shady or x-rated activities. But, for a change, it can also be used to resolve the twitch black screen issue on Chrome. A lot of people have said that it did work out for them. So there is no harm in trying it. And if it doesn’t work out, you can always return to your shady activities now that you are incognito.

Reconfigure your IP address

A lot of times, the problem is with your internet service rather than your browser. So how do you fix it? Well, you can always go and run the cmd command and reconfigure your IP address from there. Otherwise, you could just ask for a new IP address from your host. That would do the trick as well.

Disabling The Extensions & Plug-ins

A lot of times, we are forced to use third-party extensions and plug-ins on our browser. Most of the times it is to get access to things or ease our work. Sometimes, however, these extensions can cause conflicts and failure to resolve these crashes the browser can fail to load pages or a black screen. So, to get rid of this mess, you should disable all the extensions and plug-ins in your browser. This will hopefully resolve all the conflicts that may have arisen and fix the twitch black screen problem.

Enable Java Scripts & Flash Player

A lot of the times, you may get a black screen because the Java scripts on your browser are disabled. Or the Flash Player may have been removed. Usually, you get a prompt for this. But there are times that you may not. So it is best if you go to your browser settings and enable all the Java scripts. Also, go and download the Flash Player and install it. After you have done all this, restart your browser, and you should be good to go.

enable javascript to fix twitch black screen issue.

Outdated Browser

As much as I hate to be captain obvious, a lot of the times, errors may arise due to an update that you didn’t install. This is because with each new update, the websites reconfigure themselves. As a result of this, your outdated browser may not support the new and updated scripts. So it is best if you go and update your browser. Usually, it is done automatically. But there are times when it doesn’t. So check for it manually. An updated browser should not prompt the twitch black screen error.

twitch not working on chrome

Reset the browser to default

If nothing has worked out for you so far, then the next best thing for you to do is to reset your browser. Just go to settings and reset it to its default settings. This will remove all scripts, extensions, and plug-ins that are not getting resolved and causing conflict. So this will usually resolve any and all errors that you may be encountering.

reset browser to fix twitch streams not loading black screen

Reinstall The Browser

If nothing has worked out so far, then you might as well try reinstalling your browser. It may help weed out some of the bugs that may have found their way in during the previous installation. So try reinstalling the browser. It will resolve all the conflicts and act as dubbing for the browser.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

If none of the previous steps have helped you out, then it means that your browser is not at fault. Instead, it might be something else entirely. So, for starters, try disabling all the hardware acceleration stunts you may have pulled. Yes, this may cause your system to slow down a bit. But then, it will resolve all the software complications that may have arisen.

disable hardware acceleration

Enable TLS

Twitch and TLS go hand in hand since time immemorial. So it comes as no surprise that Twitch videos go black as soon as TLS is disabled. So, go to advanced settings and enable TLS. Because no TLS means no twitch

Don’t Use VPNs/Proxies

VPNs and proxies are usually used to act as online security. Plus, to access a lot of banned sites. Since Twitch isn’t one of them, it is advised that you disable them as long as you are using Twitch. This will most probably resolve your black screen issue.
These are a list of all possible solutions we know about. If your black screen issue is still not resolved, then it is best that you switch to Multitwitch. Because there are no more solutions and it is time to say goodbye to Twitch streaming on Chrome. So it only makes sense to watch it on Twitch’s browser. After all, they created it and know about it best.

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