FIX ‘Oops, The System Encountered A Problem’ Gmail Error

Even for people who have no social media connectivity, Gmail is the last resort. It is one of the most used platforms for communication and is used as much by individuals as by big businesses and enterprises. It serves us in many ways than one and has become one of the most widely used mailing platforms across the world, crossing its rivalries. Even though Google has gone all the way to ensure that its use it kept absolutely elementary for even the novice to understand without any problem as well as user-friendly to avoid any glitch, there is one issue that is reported the most by its users. This is the message that says Oops, the system encountered a problem in Gmail.

FIX Oops, The System Encountered A Problem Gmail Error

For anyone dependent on digital communication, this may be a big bummer as it can sometimes make you lose access to your account temporarily. This may be caused by unnecessary or duplicate data services and items, as well as invalid entries in your PC. However, it is not a problem that you can’t solve by yourself. Take a look at the following DIY steps to know how you can deal this with this issue in a matter of a few minutes:

FIX 1: Check Internet Connection

Sometimes, the problem may simply lie in an unstable, slow network. You can get rid of the error just by switching to a different available wireless network or by boosting your existing internet connection. This is the most basic and the first step to try if you are facing the Gmail error.

FIX 2: Update Your Browser

It may be that you are using the old, outdated version of your browser and that is what is causing the error. So, simply update your browser using the following steps depending on which one you use:

  • Chrome
    oops the system encountered a problem gmail
    For Chrome, open your browser and locate the Customize button followed by control Google Chrome and select it. Next, choose Help and go ahead to clicking on About Google Chrome. Here, see if there are any updates available. If there are, you will be shown the option to install them.
  • Microsoft EdgeYou need to update Windows 10 for Microsoft Edge. Just click on the Windows icon and, when the Start menu appears, select the settings option which is represented by the gear icon. Next, look for the Update and Security section and select it. You will  see an option that says Check for Updates. Once you select that, you will see that Windows will start the search for updates online. If there are any, you will be shown the option to install them on your machine. And just like that, you will have updated your Windows 10.
  • Firefox
    oops the system encountered a problem 007 gmail
    If you have Firefox, open the browser and click on the Open menu. You will see a question mark button, click on that and choose About Firefox. This will allow the browser to check for any updates. Once the search is over, you will be able to install them yourself.
  • Opera
    The method to update Opera is quite similar as well. Open the browser, click on the Opera icon and select About Opera. Here, your browser will install the available updates.
    Now, after updating the browser, check Gmail again if the error has now been fixed. If not, let’s move on to the next option.
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FIX 3: Temporarily Disable Anti-Virus

We know it sounds very simple, but sometimes the ultimate solution lies in the simplest methods of dealing with the problems. When your third-party anti-virus product is at loggerheads with Gmail, you may face this problem. To prevent this from happening, simply disable your anti-virus to check if this solves the error. If yes, this means that you have detected the root of the problem. For a long-term solution, configure the product’s settings so that it can allow Gmail. If that doesn’t work, you ought to report this issue to the anti-virus vendor.

While you troubleshoot your Gmail errors, use the Windows Defender to keep malware out of the way. This is done by going to settings option from the Start menu and selecting Update and Security followed by Windows Defender.

FIX 4: Clear Cookies, Cache, &History

Warning: doing this will delete all the saved passwords, any items in online shopping carts, address and name predictions, as well as other information stored in the browser. But sometimes, this proves to be the only available solution.

If your browser is Chrome:

Go to your browser bar and type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData which will show the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ option. Clear the following from that window:

  • Browsing history
  • Download history
  • Cookies and other site data
  • Cached images and files

system encountered a problem

Once that is done, click on Clear Data and now check if the error remains.

For Microsoft Edge browser:

  • Click the star icon with three horizontal lines on the top right corner and then click the clock icon.
  • Here, select Clear All History and select that same options given for Chrome, namely:
  • Browsing history
  • Cookies and saved website data
  • Cached data and files
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Then, click on Clear, re-open your browser and check Gmail.

If you are using Firefox:

Go the History menu and select the option which says Clear Recent History after which you will see the option to select the Time Range to Clear. You need to select everything and then proceed to Details. Again, select all items and click on Clear Now. Close and re-open your browser and then check Gmail.

For Opera users:

Open the Opera (the Opera icon) and select Settings>Privacy and Security. Proceed to the Clear Browsing Data option. Once you see the menu which says Obliterate the following items from, select The Beginning of Time. Next, clear all the data mentioned above and select Clear Browsing Data. Close your browser and re-start it to check the Gmail error.

These few simple and elementary steps should ideally detect and eliminate the ‘Oops, the system encountered a problem’ Gmail error without any expert intervention.

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