[FIXED] Sppsvc.exe High CPU Usage on Windows 10?

There is a high chance that your computer might get infected by a virus, malware or trojan in less than a year if you are not using an antivirus software in order to protect your computer.

In case such a thing happens, your computer might start acting weird and stop you from doing things. There will be symptoms such as momentary or chronic freezing of screen, high lag spikes, high CPU usage and ultimately, the high CPU usage will lead to the applications working like a slug.

It is totally not normal for this to happen so you should take action immediately . Users are generally confused about what they can do in this situation. That is the reason we have created this guide in order for the users facing these type of issues to solve them easily.

The sppsvc.exe file is an executable file and it is one of the Microsoft Software Protection Platform Service (MSPPS). This file is included in the Microsoft Windows Operating System by default and the main goal of this executable process is to help the system prevent piracy. This helps in verifying and keeping the licenses of the software.

Microsoft says that the executable sppsvc.exe process helps in the activation process of the Windows Operating System as well as verifies whether the Microsoft Windows Operating System which is being used is genuine or not by using online services. This application is really good for our Operating System but it somehow skyrockets the CPU usage and makes it throttle.

In many scenarios, the sppsvc.exe process has led the CPU usage to reach 40% or even more. That is what makes the computer so sluggish and freezing at random points. The CPU is being used in the wrong way by this process here.

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The very first thing you should do is check your Personal Computer for malware takeovers. If the sppsvc.exe file which is running is legit, then the security breach rating should only be 2%. This is actually an essential piece of software for the Windows Operating System. The name of this file and its importance leads to the malicious developers use this name to their advantage so that they can dodge the security easily.

They simply inject the virus in these files and in case they cannot, they will create the same process just with a different name. In case there are multiple processes with the same names running on your system, this is the indication that your computer has been surely affected by the malicious developer’s process. We recommend that you run a system files scan with your antivirus.

We know that a lot of articles will mention a legit file which is available for downloading. This is not the right approach if you want to solve the issue regarding this thing because Windows provides you with a file which is important to its system and if you try to modify it and use something else, the problems might become more severe.

Steps to fix the Sppsvc.exe High CPU Usage on Windows 10

Fix 1: Update System Builds

In case your system has not been updated for a while, the sppsvc.exe might start getting weird because the drivers are not in the predicted state of action and the applications which are not updated might be giving a huge number of errors.

  • Tap the Start + I key and open the Updates and Security section
  • Open up the Windows Updates window
  • Use the Check for Updates functionality to see if anything in your system is outdated
  • If there is something at all which requires updates, this will bring it up and help you in updating the same by offering you the option to Run the Updates
  • Reboot your computer and see if the sppsvc.exe is using the optimal amount of CPU that it requires.
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Fix 2: Clean boot

You should try starting the computer which you are using in the safe mode. In case your issue is not present in the safe mode and the resources of your computing system are being consumed in an ideal manner, try this fix.

In this fix, we will show you a method to clean boot your Operating System so that you can solve the issue.

  • Open the Start + R key. This will open the Run dialog
  • Type msconfig in the input box and press Enter to open up the Microsoft System Config and tweak your system
  • Make sure you enable the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ option before moving on to the next step
  • Click the Disable all button
  • Use the Startup menu to open the Task Manager
  • Disable each and every startup array
  • You can now close the Task Manager and select the Ok option
  • Restart your computer


The above methods should fix all the issues which you had with this process and help you run your computer normally again. This will bring the CPU usage by the processes back to normal and your computer will not become sluggish or unresponsive again.


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