Runtime Error 53 “File Not Found” Error Repair Tutorial

Windows systems face this error a lot and this is when there is something missing from the list of window components. This happens when the file is damaged, corrupted, infected which leads to windows not being able to access the file and hence, Runtime error 53 occurs. The case might also be that the file is actually missing from the system.

The dynamic link library files have the purpose of storing functions and data which are in turn used by other dependant dynamic link libraries and applications so that they run more efficiently.

We will solve the issues with this dll file here so that we can eliminate this error :

Runtime error ’53’: File not found (yourfile.dll). ” or any other error related to this dll file.

The main reason is that the Windows operating system searches for the file in the default location and if it is not present in the default location, it logs the file location as null and cannot proceed further.

It might be a human as well as a system error in which the file is accidentally misplaced somewhere else. The error could also be caused due to the system registry where all the data which is essential in executing the applications and tasks is stored.

How to Fix Runtime Error 53

FIX 1 – Search for missing files

Searching for the filename the Runtime error 53 is displaying on your device’s local hard drives could be helpful. The DLL files must be included in the system32 global folder sometimes for the applications to be able to access the file and hence use it. The problem is sometimes the application you are using installs the DLL file and sets the global location to the DLL file in that place.

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If in case after using the application or in between using the application, the global location is set somewhere else, most probably the system32 folder then your workflow might hinder.

The best thing to do is search it up and then place or replace it in the system32 folder.


  1. Open up the Start menu
  2. Select the search functionality
  3. Type the name of the file which you want to look up for in the search bar and press the Enter key
  4. Wait and check if you get any results
  5. If you find the file, copy it
  6. Now open the C drive> Windows > System32 folder and paste the file there
    run time error 53
  7. Once you are done with the placement, you have to again register the file for the registry to recognise it
  8. Press the Start + R button to open Run.
  9. Type cmd and press Ok
    runtime error 53
  10. Now type regsvr32 <filename with extension> and press Enter
  11. Close the cmd dialog
  12. Restart your computer

FIX 2 – Reinstall the application giving you the problems

The proper way of doing things is to troubleshoot the application first which we did in the previous method but in case it does not seem to work then the best way to solve your Runtime Error 53 issue might be a fresh re-installation.

  • Open the Start menu
  • Click on the Control Panel
    runtime error 53
  • Open the Program and features tab
    runtime error 53 file not found
  • Search for your program’s name on the list
  • Select the program and right click on it
  • Click Uninstall
  • Use the setup file to install it again

FIX 3 – Cleaning the system’s registry

Sometimes, the best thing to do for the Windows users to solve their Runtime Error 53 problems is to clean their registry. This is because the registry is always working in order to execute the functions which make the programs run accurately. This might lead to times where the files are corrupted or damaged because of the registry or the registry functioning improperly.

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This registry system is a database where all the configurations of your files and applications are stored by windows. It is a common issue to have problems due to the registry and it’s as easy to solve it.

  • Manually doing the cleaning up of the registry and finding the errors might be a tedious task.
  • It is highly recommended that you search for the term registry cleaner which automatically does the job for you and all you need to do is click a button.
  • Make sure you download the software from a place which is legit, you can check out the comments and reviews to make sure that it works.


You can easily solve any issues related to runtime error 53 and clean your system of them by using the 3 methods mentioned above. The methods mentioned above are the most straightforward methods you’ll find and the other fancy methods you find out there will ultimately work the same way. Thank you for making this far and we hope your errors go away.


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