Easy FIX – PS4 Controller Not Charging [LATEST/UPDATED]

One of the best consoles of this virtual world is the PS4 as it offers gamers an excellent adventure. This is something that PS4 lovers enjoy so much because it helps them relax and have fun.  And it can be frustrating to know that your PS4 controller is not charging. This can be very annoying when you need to get a quick game or just have some fun.

One sure way to fix this is to replace the PS4 controller as you can’t just leave your love for games behind. On the other hand, this will be an unnecessary expense as there is no genuine reason to spend so much on a new PS4 when you can quickly solve your issue by choosing one of the best-suited solutions from the list of possible fixes.

We are explaining the solutions and firmly believe that they will be helpful to you. When the controller malfunctioning takes place, the entire gaming experience is very frustrating. Here are the seven fix techniques and how to use them about how can you solve your problem when your PS4 controller is not charging –

Easy Fixes For PS4 Controller Not Charging

Fix 1: Reset PS4 controller

This is one of the most simple tricks to fix the PS4 controller is to press the reset button. Here, the rest button will override the entire setting of the device and then set the overall to the factory default. To perform this reset trick, look at the left side of the right screw which is on the back of a controller and identify a small hole there.

ps4 controller not charging

Enter a safety pin inside the hole; this will lead you to touch the reset button via a needle. Press here for a few seconds. This will lead your PS4 controller rest, wait for few minutes, and then you can try plugging the charging to the controller.

Fix 2: Supply Power to USB Ports

If the previous fix is not working with your PS4 controller, try this next solution that may help you out. Here, you need to enable the Supply Power to USB Port option of your PS4 settings. Navigate to settings and then Devices.

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fix ps4 controller thats not charging
Identify the Power Saving Settings there and then Set Functions Available In Rest Mode. Here you will need to enable the “Supply power to USB ports”. Now the PS4 can conveniently charge your controller even in its rest mode.

Fix 3: Change the charging cable

You might have been taking your charging cable for-granted up till now; a very rough use can affect the cable. After those rigorous usages of the cable, this needs the rest. It is not always your PS4 Controller’s fault, as many times it comes in the light and the cables might be the victim

Here, you can change some other PS4 controller by the same charging cable. If after this, the other PS4 controller is still not charging, then it is sure that the charging cable is faulty. You might have to get another charging cable to charge your PS4. You can test the cable on another PS4 controller; if it is getting charged, then you must go for other fixing ideas.

Fix 4: Charge the PS4 upside down

After looking at the name, you may find this solution strange and funny, but it works; this is the most convenient solution to your problem. If you usually are trying to charge your PS4 controller, but the light doesn’t come on, then your device is not getting loaded. You can try charging your PS4 controller upside down. It has worked for a number of people in the world. Thus the method is quite reliable,  which is one of the reasons why people prefer this. So with the millions of others who have tried it, this funny sounding solution might work for you too.

Fix 5: Replace your PS4 controller battery

You must understand the capacity of your battery as any PS4 controller uses Lithium-ion cell battery that clarifies about the limited number of charge cycles. You must know that it can only last for so long. After the limit has been reached, the batter becomes useless.

If you are an extreme PS4 gamer and continuously charge your controller, the PS4 will obviously get affected by the number of usages. Once the battery is dead, you can’t blow the life in it by charging, so you have to replace it. Buy a new one to continue using the PS4 controller and enjoy the uninterrupted gaming experience.

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Fix 6: Hardwire charging cable to PS4 controller battery

Apart from the faults of PS4 Controller or the charging cable,  the charging port might be responsible for the interruption. This continuous charging sometimes damages the charging port. In this case, there is only one solution which is to replace the PS4 controller. But for less severe problems and if you want to try other options, then you can go for the alternatives, you can also choose to hardwire the charging cable directly to the battery. This might be difficult, but you can try this if you want and know how to.

Fix 7: Let PS4 Controller cool down

Sometimes, your PS4 controller may get heated up due to the excessive gaming, in such cases, you will most likely face the PS4 controller charging issues. In this situation, starting the charge adds up more heat. The electronic devices are programmed in a way that they do not function over a set temperature level.

So, if you have a temperature problem, you should wrap your PS4 controller in a plastic bag and then place that in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

Take your controller out after a while and then try charging again. You must be very time conscious when placing the device in the freezer as you must not put it in there longer than 15 minutes as this may cause severe damage to your controller.

You can try one of these solutions and get your favourite PS4 back in your gaming experience. One of these solutions should be definitely helpful in fixing your ps4 controller not charging issue.They will guide you through fixing your controller on your own.

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