[FIX] NVIDIA Control Panel Not Opening

NVIDIA is one of the best Video card brands today. Users have been wanting to change the 3D configuration as well as the physX settings. In this article, we will post everything about fixing the NVIDIA control panel and in case it is not opening for you, we will make sure that we solve all the problems which you are facing no matter whatever the situation maybe. The drivers are the main cause of the problems. The essential files required by the drivers are either damaged or malfunctioning due to an internal issue and that is the reason the Windows Operating System is not able to open the control panel.

This method helps you clear this issue quite easily. You will have to reinstall all the GPU drivers that are present in the system. There are different configurations for different users and not all of them are affected by the same issue. That is the reason we have compiled a guide which consists of all these types of fixes which might be able to solve the issues so that the users may not need to jump from website to website in order to fix the problem which is specific to their situation.

3 Ways to Fix the NVIDIA Control Panel not Opening Issue

Fix 1: Update Graphics Drivers

Make sure you are not using the older versions of your graphics drivers because there is a chance that they might not be compatible with the Windows Operating system which you are using. Latest drivers makes the Video Card perform better as well as the system error free.

  • Press the Start + R keys to open up the Run dialog
  • Type devmgmt.msc in the input box and press the Enter key
    nvidia control panel not opening
  • Under the Display Adapters, right click the card that you are using and click on the Enable button
    nvidia control panel not opening
  • After you enabled it, open the Device Manager and right click on your Graphics Processing Unit
  • Click the Update Driver Software button
  • Click on the Automatic Search option and let the search be finished
  • After the driver is updated check if your Control Panel is accessible once again
  • If it does not work, repeat the steps but instead of the Automatic Driver Selection option, use the Manual Selection option
  • Click the option which says Let me pick from a list of device drivers
  • Use the appropriate NVIDIA driver and click Next
  • After the installation is done, restart your computer
  • This should fix the NVIDIA Control Panel not opening issue on your device
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If the above method does not work, move on to the next method to fix the NVIDIA Control Panel not opening issue.

Fix 2: Verify if the essential processes are running

  1. Tap the Start + R keys
  2. This will open up the Run dialog
  3. Type services.msc in the input and press the Enter button
    nvidia control panel not working
  4. Find the name of the driver which you are using and open the Properties tab by right clicking on the driver name
  5. Check if the startup is Automatic and click on the Start option in case it is not running already
  6. Restart your computer in order to save all the changes

If this fix does not help to get rid of NVIDIA Control Panel not opening issue, try the next one.

Fix 3: Un-Installing and Re-Installing Programs

  • Open the Device Manager by using the devmgmt.msc command once again
  • Search for the NVIDIA driver that is installed on your computer
  • Right click that driver and click the Uninstall button
  • Click Yes
  • Press the Start + X keys and open up the Uninstall a Program utility from the list given to you
    nvidia control panel not opening
  • Remove each and everything that is somehow connected to NVIDIA
  • Restart your computer and download a fresh driver setup file from NVIDIA’s official website and make sure you install the driver using the recommended settings

The above method will surely solve the problems which you are facing and the NVIDIA control panel should open up.

In case it does not work, use the Safe Mode once more in order to get rid of all the driver files.

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We have provided a full fledged guide which will help you get through all your errors no matter what. Make sure to follow each and everything we have listed here. We hope that this guide helps you enable the control panel once more. Good luck!


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