How to find your router’s IP address

You might sometimes need to access your router’s IP address. This is so that you can make changes to the default configurations which your router already has in order to either solve an issue or to share it with someone else.

It is often, that a lot of people tend to forget the default IP address that a router uses and they might need to urgently change or update network settings. If they are not able to change those network settings, it might lead to big problems. If you have read about networking, there is a default gateway known as the IP address which is needed to send information outside. Most of the times, you will have several devices connected to the same router and the default gateway for all of those devices will be the router’s IP address specific to the model and the company.

There is a setup web application which your router creates on the server side of its base. To access this page, we will need to obtain the IP address to this page. That IP address is also known as the host IP address or the default gateway. Because all the traffic is sent to that particular address, it is pretty important for settings things up.

How to find the Router IP address in Windows

There are key-value pairs that are stored on your windows system. Those key-value pairs, in this case, will represent the variable name and the value of that variable name that is stored in our system.

  • You can open the Command prompt using the Start menu or by pressing the Start + R key and click Ok after typing cmd in it.
    router ip address
  • Type ipconfig in the command prompt window and press Enter.
    router ip address
  • The default gateway will be shown there
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How to find Router IP address using the GUI

  • Go to the Start menu, open up the Control panel
  • Open up the Network and Internet.
    what is my router ip address
  • Open Network and sharing Center
    what is my ip address for my router
  • Click on the network name i.e. your connection
  • Click the Ethernet button and then click the details button
  • The IP address listed in front of the ipv4 default gateway variable

How to find your Router IP address in Mac OS X

It is pretty simple and straightforward if you need to find the router IP address in your mac device.

  • Open the Apple menu
  • Open up the System preferences menu inside it
  • Click on the network icon located somewhere around the bottom part
  • Select the type of connection you are using. Wired or wireless…
  • Inside the network tab, select TCP/IP. The IP address will be near the key ‘Router’

How to find Router IP address on Linux

  • Open Applications
  • Select System Tools
  • Open up the terminal
  • Type ipconfig
  • The Router IP will be listed beside inet addr

How to find Router IP address on your iPhone / iOS devices

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Find and open the wifi menu and click on the network which you are currently linked to
  • You will find the IP of your router in the DHCP section

How to find Router IP address on Android

  • Install a third party application related to the term wifi details (wifi analyzer is a good example)
  • Click on the ap list or search for it in the application
  • Select your network name and check out the details under the name
  • You will be able to find the IP you need there
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How to find Router IP address on Chrome OS

  • Check out the notifications area in the taskbar and click on the network name which you are connected to.
  • Once you click on the name of your wireless network, click the network tab to display all the information regarding the router including the IP address of your router.

Make sure you don’t mess with the internal settings of your router and call a professional for help if you are unaware of the consequences and want to avoid any network problems later on.


The above guide should be able to help you get through all the confusion and get your IP address. You can also find other information related to your network connection and your router’s firmware if you dig through all the info which we have provided here in case you need it in the future. We hope this guide helped you get your information. Good luck!


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