MX Player Pro APK Download For Android Latest v1.11.6 [No Root]

Bored? Do not know how to kill your boredom? In today’s date, everyone owns a smartphone. You can either play games or you can watch your favorite movies and videos on your device. There are plenty of movies released every week throughout the year. If you are someone who loves watching movies and spending quality time, you will love this article. In this article, I will be introducing you to a powerful and flexible video player. Using this video player on your device, you can play almost all videos with different media outputs. Although there are tons of video player apps on Play Store, people prefer to use MX player because it has a attractive and appealing design. The user-interface is simple and the user-experience is mind-blowing. If you not only care about how the movie is but also about your movie watching experience, then you should straightaway download MX player apk.

To be honest, comparing this legendary application with other video player apps is not fair. The other appliacations do not even offer premium features as opposed to MX player. Although the free version of MX player has in-built ads, their placement is perfect. The ads are located at the bottom, right in the center of the screen. This ensures that you can use the app without worrying about ruining your movie watching experience.

MX Player Pro APK Download

Mx player pro apk download

MX Player is one of the premium video player application available for Android devices. It easily beats other video player applications like VLC media player, Mango Player, XS Video Player, etc. MX player is packed with various premium features which make it a all-in-one powerhouse for running any kind of video. It supports various media playbacks like .MP3, .MP4, .WMV, .obb, .WAV, etc. Devices with 1080p and 2K quality display can view videos in these respective qualities. Now coming to the paid version of MX player, it has some premium features too. In the paid version you get a ad-free experience. There are some features which are unlocked and only available in the premium version.

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MX player has two playback types. You can choose to play your video in any playback. The available playback types are HW Decoder, SW decoder. There is also one experimental playback type known as HW+ decoder. This playback works great on devices which have great hardware. It basically runs on hardware acceleration, thus, the better hardware your device has, the better picture quality and frames per second you will get.

Excited to download this amazing app and explore all these mind-blowing features? Well, you are just few clicks away to downloading MX player apk on your device. Click on the download link given below to download the app. On a side note, please refrain from downloading apk files from untrusted and shady websites. These websites are known for spreading malwares and viruses. It can be really harmful for your device as they may delete your data and ultimately damage your device. To be safe, only download APK files from trusted websites such as ours. The APK file is scanned for viruses and is 100% safe to use. You can verify it yourself 🙂

Features of MX Player PRO APK

Mx player pro apk download

Now that we know what MX player can do, let us get to know some of its features. As I mentioned earlier, MX player pro apk offers premium features which are not available on other apps. There are plenty of such features and due to time constraints I’ll only be mentioned few noteworthy features. You will get to know all the features once you download the app and start using it.

Below are some of the key noteworthy features of MX Player Pro APK:

Ad-free experience

The key feature is not really the ad-free experience but the viewing experience one gets. You notice the differnce when you compare it with other video players. It is like comparing a PVR to a normal cinema hall.

Multithreading Support

Unlike other apps, MX player pro apk support multicore decoding. This ensures that you get the best video quality with maximum frames per second while using less resources of your device. It is reported that over 90% users have experienced better frames per second who are using the pro version.

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Clean user-interface

While other apps have clustered user-interface, this app features a clean UI. It increases the user-experience exponentially. You will be surely hooked to the app after experiencing its attractive theme and design.

Minimum requirements

Alike every app, there are certain minimum requirements you need to meet to run this app on your device. These minimum requirements are defined to make sure that the app runs without any issues and bugs. If you are not able to meet the certain minimum requirements, you will experience bugs and glitches, thus lowering your viewing experience.

  • 1GB RAM
  • 100MB free internal storage space
  • MX player pro apk file

How to Install MX Player Pro APK on Android

To install MX player on your device, follow the simple steps given below. If you follow all the steps correctly, you will have the app installed on your device in 2 minutes!

  1. First, open Settings. Navigate to Security -> Unknown Sources. There will be a radio button next to this option.
  2. Click on it to enable installation of apps from unknown sources.
  3. Now go back to Download folder and click on MX Player Pro APK file.
  4. Click on Install.
  5. Wait for the installation process to finish.
  6. Click on the Finish button.
  7. Navigate to the homescreen and click on the MX player icon to launch the app.

In just a few simple and easy steps you have now installed one of the most powerful and flexible video player application on your device. If you have any queries or questions let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks for visiting.

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