10 Best Lightweight Browsers for Windows

When talking about the browsers, Google chrome is the first thing that pops up in anyone’s mind. Google chrome is the best yet popular browser for most of the operating systems, especially windows and android devices. However, there are chances that for some orders, Google chrome can be too bulky.  For this, various light-weighted alternative browsers are also available that one can use instead of these space-consuming browsers.

10 Best Light-Weight Browsers for Windows

If you are looking for the best light-weighted browsers for your windows, then here is the rundown of the top 10 best browsers with their highlights. Have a look:

UR Browser

best lightweight browsers

UR browser is indeed one of the best light-weighted browsers amongst all. It incorporates some fantastic features which include its chromium-based program that works exceptionally well on windows. The best part of the software is that it comes up with a built-in VPN and virus detector. Therefore, if you are worried about the security issues and virus attack during browsing, UR browser is a perfect choice for you. Additionally, it doesn’t stack unnecessary advertisements and tracks scripts to protect your computer from malware.


best lightweight browsers 2019

Vivaldi is yet another popular light-weighted browser that you can use for free. It is entirely compatible with all the three operating systems: Windows, Linux and macOS. Alike any other ordinary browser, Vivaldi also gives you access to tab management through which you can browse multiples websites and content. Also, its customization allowance feature differentiates it from all other browsers. You can select the themes, notes and can also create your shortcuts.


best lightweight browsers 2019

Lunascape is different, yet stunning light weighted software due to its framework. Lunascape is software that supports three web engines. It is a complete package that supports Gecko (Firefox), chrome or safari (WebKit) and internet explorer (trident). You can set one search engine as per your choice to browse and can switch it accordingly during the browsing process. This feature is beneficial at the time when one file is not supporting on a particular web engine and supports others. You can also spare bookmarks, URLs and even support RSS channels as well.

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best lightweight browsers for windows 2019

Lynx is one of the most established browsers which are quite perfect for the user who wants its browser to consume minimal space. Lynx is quite easy to understand, and you need a couple of directions to perform what you wish to. It is a text-based program and does not support any graphics, images and banners. Since it doesn’t load any media, it holds less memory and thus requires very minimal space.

Sea Monkey

Sea Monkey is a prevalent light-weighted browser that most of the developers choose to utilize for the windows. Along with the browsing facility, it also provides a built-in email client feature. This implies that you don’t need to open a separate email tab in your browser. It additionally offers its user access to chat room service and ability to create web pages within it. You can also manage the passwords, mouse movements, voice interactions and customized toolbars.

Comodo Ice Dragon

Comodo Ice Dragon is another tremendous light-weighted browser that assures the highest security to your windows system. In terms of highlights, Comodo Ice dragon is much similar to Mozilla Firefox. It includes identical menus, augmentations and add-ons just like Firefox browsers. The most extraordinary stress of this browser is its DNS server system. It makes browsing more speedy and secured. Another incredible feature includes its capacity to check if pages are fully secure, no crash reports are there present in the system.


Midori is an incredible browser which is very light-weighted and full of robust features incorporated in it. Along with the features that any normal browser has, it also includes HTML5 support, RSS feeds and bookmarks support along with unremarkable browsing. Additional privacy settings can also be done via Midori browsers such as display settings and startup settings. You can utilize this browser by not spending even a penny for it.


Opera is another light-weighted browser well-known y most of the people. Probably the best part of this browser is that it is lighter than the Google chrome yet works perfectly with its extensions. Hence, you can utilize opera with a similar extension as that of Google chrome. It settles on a lighter form that consumes less space on your PC.

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Maxthon Cloud Browser

Another exceptionally flexible program in the list of light-weighted browsers is Maxthon cloud browser. The superior feature of this browser differentiates it from its competitors. It includes an inherent advertisement blocker that doesn’t allow any distortion during browsing. Some of the additional features include accessibility to screen-catch apparatus, night-mode, reader mode; RSS feed channel, notepad and many more. The unique highlight of Maxthon cloud browser is its own in-built multi-account password manager called Magic Fill. Also, it uses its very own cloud administrations to match up the client’s information with the devices. To synchronize your data on gadgets, you need to login, and you can start at the moment. The user interface of the software is immensely easy to get through.


If you are a music lover and fond of listening to music and watching videos, then torch is the most appropriate choice that you can have in your windows system. It is a light-weighted browser made exclusively for the users whose media consumption is much on the internet. The mentioned browser comes up with a stunning highlight, namely ‘Torch music’ that utilizes a very known search engine, i.e. YouTube that too without the inclusion of any advertisement or video. Along with this, you can also download torrent files within the browser. Talking about the interface of the software, it has a captive and modern-looking user interface, which is easy to understand.


So, these were the top 10 light-weighted browsers that one can use for the windows as alternatives of the massive search engines. All the browsers, as mentioned earlier, have different highlights. You can look at all of them and choose wisely.

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