Is Kundli matching needed for love marriage?

As per the Hindu tradition, marriages that are arranged by parents will be thoroughly checked for Kundli Matching. But when it comes to love marriages, people don’t care much about horoscope or astrology. Whether it is a love or arrange marriage, Kundli matching is much needed to lead a happy life. It can help you in knowing the horoscopes of the bride and groom, their future together. The majority of marriages happening in India fall under arranged marriages only. People who choose arranged marriages follow the tradition of Kundli Matching to check whether the match is perfect or not.

Unless the compatibility of the couples is known, no parent from both the sides will agree for marriage. As the couple are new and don’t know much about each other, Kundli Milan will make them know the future. Though marriage is the fusion of two souls, it doesn’t make sense when their Kundli score is less. If any couple doesn’t care the score and marry each other, then they are prone to marriage problems in future. The position of planets and stars will affect happy living, business, health, and other factors unless you marry the right person.

The question arises in love birds whether Kundli matching is needed for love marriage or not. With time, there are a lot of changes happening in traditional marriages. In olden days, arrange marriage is only an option people used to have for getting married. In these days, love marriages took the concentration of people but failed to overcome arrange marriages.

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The recent survey reveals that arrange marriages performed under the supervision of parents, astrologer, and family are leading a happy life when compared to love marriages. The technology might have launched a new subject called love marriages, but it could never beat traditional marriages. As parents could not oppose the decision of their only kids, they agree for the marriage proposals. But what if any of those couples have dosha in their Janam Kundali? It can create a huge impact on the couple willing to marry and may destroy the happiness in future.

In love, everything seems matching like choices, tastes, preferences, and others, but what about Kundli. Unless you qualify the Kundli matching round, no other compatibilities can save you if the score is less than 17. People believe that matching the tastes and preferences will be enough for the marital union because the bond so-called is the connection that brings happiness in their life. While Kundli matching provides huge data about their current, past, future, also about happiness, children’s, business, and others. As per the Vedic science, every couple who are set for marriage needs to check ashta Koota matching to know the compatibility between each other. Kundli Milan will let you know if the couple is fit for marriage or not.

In some cases, people consider Kundli matching for love marriages and correct the doshas if there were any. If there is a probability of managing the points by performing mantras, the astrologer will help you in all the ways. The horoscope matching will let you know about divorce, widow life, health issues, neighbour problems, business loss or profit before marriage. It is often said that person entry to your life or house changed the way of living. This is because of the repositioning of planets with the entry of positive energies into your life. Love marriage cannot guarantee a happy or prosperous life unless the Kundli matching scores an acceptable number. Sometimes, astrologers say Kundli Matching is not necessary for Love marriage when the couple is compatible in all the ways. It is up to you to check horoscopy matching or not, but we suggest you follow the old tradition always.

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