Windows 10 – KB4023057 Update Rolled Out | Improvements & Fixes

Well, you must have got acquainted with recent update Microsoft released titled KB4023057. If not, then this is not the first time Microsoft has released this security update. You may visit the Microsoft forums present on the web and you would find most users discussing how the update is mysterious. With the issues and theories being thrown, you may undoubtedly become a victim of manipulation.

They released the update without any prior explanation about its purpose and features. Hence most did not understand what was going on.

So with the public outcry and the tech experts stating that update may make unwanted changes to the system that may be undesired by the user, we will get back again to this update and try to understand what happened.

Windows Update KB4023057: What do we know?

This update as per the Microsoft was meant for the Windows 10 v1809. However, there was not any notification provided by them, which was the primary cause of the confusion. Later the info about this update was updated further, and this is what was stated regarding the accessibility of the update:

  1. The description reports that the registry setting will be cleared which as said will prevent updates from getting successfully installed. This may be enough to trigger some insecurity in you.
    Often it is seen that the users may not feel the need to get the updates installed, this may be because they are optimal with the functioning of their system. But tinkering with registry setting will undoubtedly get some unwanted guests for your system.
  2. Re-configuring or resetting the Network settings, seriously this may not be what you want when you are happy with the current network configurations.
  3. The description states that the update will repair the disabled or corrupt components of the Windows operating system. Now the conscious users will undoubtedly want to keep the unwanted systems disabled if the update is going ‘repair’ them so that it can put them in function. It may undoubtedly affect your compatibility with the system.
  4. The update will compress the files in the personal directory for the successful update. Another point to be noted is that it is stated that one should be able to access the files at the time of the update.
    Now, who is going to assure that you ‘will’ be able to, the compressing of the files as we know will undoubtedly put the security and accessibility of the records in question.
    And with the uncertainties popping up regarding this update one may not guess what will happen.
  5. The update will clean up the database of your windows updates to repair the problems and clean up the windows update history.
    Why is Microsoft assured that the update database is not relevant to you and you are going to like this update anyhow? This is undoubtedly the major loophole in the update.
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Conclusions Are Drawn

Description provided of this KB4023057 update is similar to the instances when the previous versions of this update were released.

This description certainly makes it clear that this KB4023057 update will make some forced changes to the system settings. In all likelihood, the user might have to maintain these settings on purpose for the proper functioning of the system. So this is a cause of concern for the users. Moreover, large number of negative reviews from the communities of the users are not helping Microsoft’s cause.

The compression is done to ensure that the lower spec devices are successfully able to process the update or when there is not enough disk space to operate. Since you may have observed that if you do not have ample disk space or there is a large amount of data in your device, you get repetitive notifications and pings regarding the pending updates. This is why compression feature is for you if you are desperate to have some updates, but you are getting restrained by the availability of limited disk space.
windows update kb4023057

But before you decide that you want to go for the KB4023057 update, hold tight and go for some of the precautionary measures to ensure security.

The other major issue that got reflected was that specific builds of the Windows 10 would automatically download this update and install it, so maybe you should be on the lookout for any changes.

Why Microsoft Rolled Out This Update?

As regards Microsoft, they wanted to make some improvements to their October update, and this update includes the files and resources to fix any corrupted issues that may be preventing the specific Windows updates from functioning optimally on the devices and to improve the security and reliability of the tools that are running on windows 10.

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The update will be automatically available to the devices with the Windows 10 builds 1507, 1511 and 1607. Maybe Microsoft is onto something, and they are acquainted with components of these builds which may prevent the future updates from working comfortably on these builds.

Let’s get this straight there is no conspiracy, in all they wanted to improve the user experience with the Windows updates.

What Should You Do Now?

Maybe you are okay with the way your system is performing, and you are reluctant to any changes. This does not mean that you have no choice but to install the update. There are specific tools that are available with which you will be able to block particular updates.

You can use Microsoft’s update blocking tools to steer clear away.

Should you be worried? Well, it depends but indeed there is no need to freak out. The purpose of this KB4023057 update was to ensure smoothing the update process so that this update might come in handy. You should check out the updates yourself and who knows it may prove to be a goldmine for you. But you should always maintain the backup, just in case anything happens.


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