3 Easy Fixes to Resolve isdone.dll Errors

The full form of dll is dynamic link library and it is used in our devices to accomplish certain operations.

You must have heard the term “registry” in your Windows PC.

The things that computers performs on a daily basis are stored in the registry and the registry can be easily accessed by the dynamic link library files. The dynamic link library file is used when you render images using an application, play games, use a terminal emulator, etc and it tells your operating machinery what to do when you follow a certain task. It is important because the file holds a number of codes and procedures for the programs that is followed in your windows system.

An EXE file can be used to independently execute applications but this is not the case with dynamic link library because it is not executed independently but it is used by other applications to execute themselves in a proper manner without giving errors.

This basically guides the system in order to run the applications smoothly so that they run without any issues and third-party application conflicts.

Now that we are done with the application part of these dll files, we can start troubleshooting using the best guide if you want to solve any isdone.dll errors.

3 Easy Ways to Fix Isdone.dll Errors

FIX 1 – Download and Replace

  1. Download and save the isdone.dll file on your hard drive to begin with the procedure.
  2. Open your C drive located in My Computer.
  3. Open the Windows folder.
  4. Search for the System32 folder and open it up.
    isdone.dll error
  5. Search for a file named the same as isdone.dll in your System32 folder.
  6. Rename that file to isdonewhatever.dll
  7. Now open the directory where you have downloaded and saved your isdone.dll file.
  8. The default download directory for Chrome & Firefox is C:\users\username\downloads
  9. Copy and paste the file isdone.dll which you downloaded to the System32 folder
  10. Hit the Windows + R key to launch the Run dialog box. Type cmd in the input box and hit Enter.
    isdone.dll error
  11. Now once you open up the Command Prompt (cmd), type regsvr32 Isdone.dll and hit Enter key.
    codex isdone.dll error
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Now restart your PC for system wide effects to take place. Once your system reboots, check if the error is solved.

FIX 2 – Un-install Third-party Applications causing Conflicts

  1. Open up the Start menu.
  2. Search for Control Panel and open it up.
  3. Double click Add/Remove programs.
  4. Search for third-party program that is causing conflicts with the DLL file and uninstall it.
  5. After uninstalling, restart your machine and reinstall the program.

FIX 3 – Clean Registry

To clean the Windows Registry, you can make use of automated registry cleaner tools which scan and search your Windows Registry for junk entries. You can download the tool using one of the most trusted websites in the world here.

Final words

After uninstalling, even though if you followed the correct path to uninstall your program using the windows uninstalling dialogue, there is a good chance that your system experiences some errors while the uninstalling operation is going on as the cause of the isdone.dll error is one of the registry errors (highly possible).

Malware, Trojans and Spywares also cause registry errors and can lead to dire circumstances which are undesirable for the operation of the programs as necessary and so it is also recommended that you use an antivirus software or an anti-malware software.

The portable ones do just fine but make sure to use them if you are in such troubles.

Thanks for reading, hope this guide helps you and if you have any issues, do drop a comment below and we will be happy to assist you.

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