“iPad Is disabled Connect To iTunes” Solved [6 EASY METHODS]

Many business owners use iPads for collecting data from consumers at various instances like trade shows, office visits, and even for presentation purposes. Hence, it is extremely important to protect the iPad from any potential breaches which could leak essential and confidential information. However, if you are the owner yourself and are having trouble unlocking it after multiple failed attempts, you know that your iPad could get locked and come on the way of your daily productivity at work. This means that your Ipad will show a message stating “iPad Is disabled Connect To iTunes” which indicates that multiple attempts have been made using wrong passwords to access the iPad. In such a case, you may have to erase the data from your iPad and start over. However, if you do have an iCloud account which stores and backs up all your data, you have nothing to worry for. There are also a few other ways that you can try yourself to unlock your iPad, and one of these exclude having to erase all data:

6 Easy Fixes For “iPad Is Disabled Connect To iTuned” Error :

1. Reset

Have a computer handy for connecting your iPad using a USB cable. Once you do, open iTunes and find your device on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. When you select your device, you will see two options pop up: Back Up Now or Restore Backup.

fix iPad Is disabled Connect To iTunes

If your iPad data is not backed up at all or was backed up a while back, select the former option which should start the syncing process right away. The first step to the sync is, however, to enter the password on your iPad. If you don’t know the password, cancel this and proceed to use your device.
On the other hand, if your iPad is disabled, and it won’t sync the device, you have to go with the latter option- that is to Restore Backup. This is only for those who have previously backed up their data. When you choose Restore Backup, make sure to select the most recent backup you have to reclaim as much of your data as possible. The process takes a few minutes while the data simultaneously gets transferred to iPad from your computer.


2. Contact Apple Support

If the above DIY fix failed to work, it is time to contact Apple support itself. Although there are more options to try yourself before you rush to the Apple store, it makes sense to get in touch with the tech team to consult the best possible way to solve the issue. Since most of the solutions require erasing data from the iPad, you may want to check whether the support team at Apple has a more favorable option available to try in such a case.
Contact Apple Support to help you fix ipad is disabled error

3. Recovery with iTunes

A favorite way to restart your iPad by unlocking it is using the recovery mode with the help of iTunes. The method is quite elementary too, meaning that even a novice can try it. Merely switch the iPad off, and then hold the home button while plugging it to a computer which has iTunes. While you continue pressing the home button, the iTunes logo appears. This is your recovery mode. Once you access this mode, you will be allowed to restore the iPad and start using it again without a password.

4. Recovery Without iTunes

If you are someone who never got the opportunity to sync the device with iTunes before it got locked out, there are ways for you to enable the iPad but at the cost, of losing some (or all) data in the iPad. You will again need a PC to connect your iPad to, one which has iTunes. After connecting the device, go ahead and process a Force Restart by holding the Home and Power button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.
Doing this will prompt you to either Restore or Update. While the latter allows you to try your luck in keeping the data in the device, given that the iPad is disabled, it is more likely that you will be forced to select the Restore option. What this will do is restore your device to its initial state of original factory settings. Given that you have your iPad password, you will be allowed to reload the apps on the device, without the data saved earlier.

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5. Erase the Device

The solution suggested by Apple (on their website) is to erase your device to start anew. According to Apple, if the password is entered incorrectly six times consecutively, you are eligible to be locked out of your device with a message saying so.
This process depends entirely on whether you have a backup and have updated that recently. If otherwise, you won’t be able to save your iPad’s data. Erasing the device deletes all data and settings, including app data.

6. Third-Party Software

Since this is an issue often faced by iOS users, there are third-party software solutions which help you unlock your locked out iPad without password protection. However, it’s on you to check and recheck the authenticity of the software to ensure that there are no further malfunctions, information breach, or virus infections. Once you find such a software solution, install it and connect the iPad with a USB port to reset it. The program will give you prompts throughout, putting it into a recognizable mode. There is an assigned password to start the unlocking process once the device details are confirmed and the firmware gets updated. Click ‘Unlock,’ use the given password, and wait for the process to complete before you go ahead and back up iTunes to prevent data loss in case of any such event in the future.
No matter which method you try, the takeaway for every iOS user is to use their iCloud account to full effect and back up their data frequently with iTunes. This ensures that even if your device gets lost or locked out, you will still have access to your invaluable data.

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