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Internet Explorer for Mac: Nowadays, the internet plays an important role in everyone’s life. Because each and every work is interlinked to the internet. There are many different browsers to browse data like chrome, safari, bing, and so many different browsers. In that, at the initial time, the internet explorer was introduced in 1995 by Microsoft. And the internet explorer for Mac was introduced in 1996. Explorer is a web browser where you can search for any information you want. This available in 95 languages, and you can search the data very easily by choosing a preferred language. From the time of its initial release, Explorer is updating with the new feature every time. There are different versions of internet explorer for Mac like internet explorer for Mac 2.0, internet explorer for Mac 3.0, and so on now at present, the version is Internet Explorer for Mac 5. After that, Microsoft has stopped the versions of Internet Explorer. It has the best features compared to its previous versions. The internet explorer is packed with Microsoft Windows. You can also download it from there.

Features of Internet Explorer for Mac

The Internet Explorer for Mac has the best features that are not available in other web browsers. They are

  • The Internet Explorer supports 95 languages, and people can search for the information in which language they want they can search.
  • It supports Brief notations of Japanese Kanji and Chinese characters.
  • It supports the matching colors to the web pages, and there is an option to change the web page color.
  • When the internet explorer has its further version, it increased its speed level.
  • Many numbers of tabs are allowed, and the speed of the browser is not slow down.
  • This gives support to the new web standards.
  • Internet explorer has exceptional privacy and security.
  •  You can resize the text of any page by text zoom.
  • It accesses global browse history.
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This also supports multi-window browsing.

Download Internet Explorer for Mac

Requirements for internet explorer for Mac

Internet access with high speed, Microsoft account like, @hotmail, At least 1GB of RAM to 32bit and 2GB RAM to 64 bit, And hard disk space is16GB f0r 32bit and 20GB for 64 bit.

With these basic requirements, you can easily run the internet explorer on Mac. Follow the given steps

step1: First, you need to download the winebottler, You no need to download emulators or virtualizers to download internet explorer on Mac, the Winebottler runs your windows-based programs on your Mac.

Download winbottler and install Internet Explorer for PC

step2: Now launch the downloaded Winebottler app.

step3: Now click on “predefined prefixes” in the left column.

step4: You can select which app you want to download from the Winebottler app And click on internet explorer of the latest version or which version you want.

Download Internet Explorer using Wonbottler app

step5: Click on the install button to download the application, after completion of downloading then select the folder to which internet explorer you want.

step6: Now open the folder in which internet explorer present and run the internet explorer.

step7: Now, you can easily use the Internet Explorer for Mac.


I hope you understand the above procedure of downloading internet explorer for Mac and features of internet explorer for Mac. The Internet Explorer for Mac is the best to use something like Parallels, VMWare, or VirtualBox because these are free to download. Now you can easily use the internet explorer with high speed on your Mac. You can open infinite tabs and do your work with the same speed as the internet explorer.

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