Hxtsr.exe file: Is it a Virus? [FIXED] | Windows 10

Hxtsr.exe is an executable file developed by Microsoft Corporation for Windows operating system. The latest version of the executable file found is 16.0.6002.4225 and is specifically available for Windows 10 Operating System.

In unknown intervals of time, new files and folders appear on your system. These files/folders might drive you to a conception of a virus/malware software being injected into your system through some external source. For instance, Z folder appears on Windows 10 from time to time. It is just a software bug, which is supposed to be hidden in Windows Drive, but fails and repeatedly appears from nowhere. This is generally harmless to your system.

An executable file is the easiest way of installing application software into your system. It is the most widely used file form across the world.

Every software that runs on your PC is an EXE file. Your Web browser, excel sheet, Word, etc. Without EXE files, nothing works on your PC.

In the world of powerful software programs, many .exe files are produced which contain malicious software. Since EXE files are universal and useful in terms of their easy use and installation, virus across the web are made into EXE and released into websites and spam emails. These infected files on a single click, install into your system and start affecting the normal function of other EXE files and apps.

Hxtsr.exe is considered to be malicious and reported by Norton and blocks the regular use of the web if this is present in the system. Many users have reported that the executable file has affected their access on Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft apps.

The executable file runs into an error during program startup, computer startup, etc.

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The most commonly seen errors associated with Hxtsr.exe on a Windows system are:

  1. “HxTsr.exe Application Error.”
  2. “HxTsr.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”
  3. “HxTsr.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
  4. “Cannot find HxTsr.exe.”
  5. “HxTsr.exe not found.”
  6. “Error starting program: HxTsr.exe.”
  7. “HxTsr.exe is not running.”
  8. “HxTsr.exe failed.”
  9. “Faulting Application Path: HxTsr.exe.”

These errors might commonly occur under the following conditions:

  1. If any other software has accidentally deleted one or more files associated with the excecutable file in question.
  2. If Windows registry keys associated with the executable file on Windows 10 are corrupted.
  3. If any other program is conflicting with Hxtsr.exe regarding the program files or shared resources on the system.
  4. Corrupted Windows Operating System.
  5. Misconfiguration of Windows 10.

If you want to download the , it is highly recommended not to download it from any EXE websites, as most often they turn out to be corrupted. To be safe, it is recommended you downloaded it from Microsoft Corporation, the official website.

How To Fix Hxtsr.exe Errors [Windows 10]

To overcome the errors caused by Hxtsr.exe, it is highly recommended to follow the steps below in the order of their appearance to avoid any double work during the process.

  1. Repair Windows System Key registry
  2. Conduct a complete virus scan of your PC
  3. Clean out all the junk files with Disk Cleanup
  4. Update all the primary system device drivers as they mostly handle the interaction of software between your PC and the external resource.
  5. Do Windows System Restore option to undo the recent changes
  6. Uninstall and reinstall Windows 10 OS
  7. Run Windows System File Checker Scan
  8. Uninstall all the available Windows updates
  9. Avoid broken and perform a clean install of Windows Operation System freshly.

These were some of the ways of dealing with the issues associated with Hxtsr.exe. Performing them order wise will clean up the system of all the malicious software files present in your PC.

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Nature of Hxtsr.exe in Windows 10

Talking about the nature of Hxtsr.exe, it is an executable file generated by Microsoft itself for Microsoft Outlook, and is hence not a malicious file. However, it is not a Windows System file and is therefore recognized technically as an alien software to the system software. As a result, the antivirus programs installed, detect it to be malware.

Does Hxtsr.exe affect your PC Functionality?

Theoretically, the executable file should not affect your PC performance. A genuine Hxtsr.exe is a compressed file programmed to maintain a connection between outlook App from the user’s system to Microsoft’s Outlook.com, Outlook.office365.com, or Exchange e-mail and calendar websites. It is a part of Microsoft Apps which is present in the path “C:\Program Files.” Its path includes its version number. For instance, “C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_17.7466.41167.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\HxTsr.exe

Because of not complying with the path name rules, the antivirus programs detect it to be dangerous. It has however been noted that the Hxtsr executable file causes problems concerning the space on disk and utilizing the shared resources among the other important programs running.

However, note that if Hxtsr executable file is present in C Drive, it is a Microsoft app file and is harmless. But if it is found in System32, it can be malicious and cause damage to your system.


Hxtsr.exe file: Is it a Virus? [FIXED] | Windows 10
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