How to Fix Unknown Hard Error On Windows 10?

This Unknown Hard Error On Windows 10 turns the screen blank and does not let the users do anything. The only thing which is possible is to open up the Task Manager and to disable all the software processes which are running. Even when people reboot the system, this problem will inevitably occur after some time.

That is the reason we have created this guide. We have compiled the fixes from loads and loads of different sources so that you do not need to jump from one article to another just for different solutions which might or might not work in your case.

This is an error which might show up when you are playing games, using specific applications which needs online access, starting or disabling the applications on your computer, etc.

Following are the speculations which might be the cause:

  • The crucial files which the system uses are corrupted
  • There are some unusual changes in your software which led to damaged registry entries
  • Your hard disk is error prone
  • Some of your hardware is malfunctioning

This is the error which might pop up: “DDE Server Window: explorer.exe – System Warning: Unknown Hard Error”.

This causes some severe damage to your system which you are using. Your screen will be turned black, and you will not be able to use the taskbar, all the icons on your screen will disappear, you might also get the Blue Screen Of Death error.

This error might be caused by executable files and may affect other important stuff such as the explorer file, ctfmon file, and many more. You should trace back the application which is the reason for this havoc. If you found out about the application, just remove it and install it again.

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The warning about the hard error is related generally to the corrupted registry entries or system files. You can use software to scan your system in order to find out the problems (example: reimage).

The Unknown Hard Error might also be caused due to automatic updates by Microsoft Windows.

Lots of people said that the error was caused due to the windows system updates. Microsoft is anyways famous for bringing out hundreds of different bugs as a patch for your previous bugs.

A lot of people found out that the sihost.exe files were not working and causing the ‘unknown hard error’ to show up. This executable is related to Shell Infrastructure Host which is one of the most important components of the Windows operating system’s environment.

In case the above executable is corrupted or removed by you or any third party program, this issue will arise. The hard drive error might also be related to the ctfmon executable file and the reason for that is bad drivers.

5 Fixes for Unknown Hard Error On Windows 10

Fix 1: Clean boot your Operating System

  • Press the Start + R key
  • A Run dialog will open up, type “msconfig”
    unknown hard error
  • Open the Services section
  • Enable the radio button beside Hide all the Microsoft Services and opt for disabling all the services
    unknown hard error
  • Disable startup applications as well
  • Restart your computer once done

Fix 2: Run SFC Scan

  • Open the Command Prompt by pressing the Start + R key followed by typing CMD and pressing Enter
  • Type the command sfc /scannow and press Enter
    unknown hard error
  • Once the scan completes (have some patience), reboot your computer

Fix 3: Uninstalling the updates

Most of the people have faced Unknown Hard Error On Windows 10 issue after updating their Windows 10 operating systems. That is the reason rolling back the update might solve the issues.

  • Tap the Start + I key to expand the Settings menu
  • Go to Update and Security > Update history
  • Click the Uninstall Updates option
  • Select the updates which you want to roll back and simply uninstall them
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Fix 4: Check Disk Errors

Because the hard disk might be facing errors, this might be an option.

  • Open the Command Prompt dialog by searching for it in the Start menu
  • Use the command chkdsk /f /r
  • Have patience. You will get a report on what actions were taken after the scan.

Fix 5: Reverse Engineering

Check for the core of this problem by tracing back which software you installed when this error first appeared. You should also check if you updated an application before this error appeared.

If removing the application helps you solve Unknown Hard Error On Windows 10, go ahead and do that.


This is one of the most comprehensive guides you will find out there to solve Unknown Hard Error On Windows 10. These fixes might seem to be really short when compared to other fixes but trust me, all the other fixes lead to the same conclusion so there’s no point in complicating them any further. Good luck!


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