How to fix Netflix Error NW-2-5 Easily

Most of the people use Netflix these days in order to watch their favorite shows online. The quality of their services proves that they are worth the money. Their services are flawless and they are also generous enough to provide the people with a free month to test the application out. Although, recently a lot of users have complained about getting the Netflix error code nw-2-5.

Although this application is flawless and error free most of the times, users might eventually face an issue due to the problems in their end and rarely but surely, the application’s end might be faulty. This particular Netflix error code nw-2-5 says out loud that there is an issue in the network connections and the device which you are using is not able to reach the servers of the netflix’s database.

There might be something which is blocking the network you use from reaching the servers. The error message which is displayed on the screen might look like something similar to this or exactly this:

Netflix encountered an error. Retrying in ‘some’ seconds. Code: NW-2-5

This issue might occur in devices which support the Netflix application and have the application installed like Blu-ray players, Smart TVs, Roku, etc.

To fix this application, there are several steps which you might need to go through and they might be different for different devices

How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5:

  • Make sure your network connection is eligible to support streaming or capable of doing so. Is the connection public/private? There is a chance that the one who manages the network (admin) might have disabled or blocked the streaming services. Contact your network administrator in order to solve your Netflix error code nw-2-5 issue.
  • Make sure that your device is connected to a network, enable data connection if it’s not. Try to test your internet connection by performing a task which requires an internet connection in order to make sure that you are properly connected.
  • Reboot the device you are using. If you have a stand by mode feature, you must make sure that the device is fully powered off and then proceed ahead to restart it. In some scenarios, you might need to totally switch the power off, unplug the device and wait for a minute or two after you power it off.
  • Verify your domain name server(DNS) settings. In case you do not have access to the DNS settings, ignore this step.
  • Restart the network which you’re using by powering off the router as well as the modem connector. You might need to remove the plugs altogether in some cases.
  • Try to use a wired network connection or try and strengthen your wireless signal. Using wired connections is the best thing you can do for improving your streaming quality. If you are unable to do that, you can either change the position of the router or your main device in order to improve the network connectivity.
  • Call the network provider (ISP). In case you are still having issues due to your network, there might be a problem with your ISP and it must be an issue caused due to a big problem on your network provider’s server. There is a chance that parental control is causing this issue. You might need to disable it in order to stop this issue (or reconfigure it).
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You might need help with checking the DNS settings on your particular device, so here it is:

  • PS3 : Settings > Networksettings > Internet connectionsettings >Custom > Wired/Wireless > IP address setting > Automatic (for IP) > DHCP > Automatic (DNS) > Automatic (MTU) > Do not use (Proxy) > Enable (UPnP)> Save and test
  • PS4: Settings > Network > Set up internet > Wireless/wired > Custom (operation mode for wired ethernet) > Automatic (for IP) > Do not set (DHCP) > Automatic (DNS) > Automatic (MTU) > Do not use (Proxy) > Save and test
  • XBOX 360: Guide > Settings > System Settings > Network Settings > Configure Network > DNS Settings > Automatic > Reboot > Test
  • XBOX One: Menu > Settings > All Settings >Network > Network settings > Advanced Settings > DNS settings > Automatic > Press B > Test


The above methods are a sure shot way to improve your internet connection and solve all your Netflix and chill problems. Hope this article helps you solve the Netflix error code nw-2-5 errors which you are facing. Good luck.


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