How to fix BOOTMGR is missing in Windows 10

One of the most annoying error statements which you might come across is: ‘Bootmgr is missing Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart’ and this error occurs because there might be a damaged sector related to the boot operating in the Windows Operating System. There are other reasons such as using a drive which is misconfigured and using the misconfigured drive to boot. In case you are one of the users who are stuck here and are unable to solve this issue on your own, you are at the perfect place because we are going to discuss what the ‘Bootmgr is missing Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart’ issue is as well as solve the error by using the trial and error method so that we can find the exact root cause of this issue.

bootmgr is missing

We have compiled a number of fixes in this guide. These fixes are inspired from a number of sources on the internet as well as external sources. There are multiple fixes which we will use because all the different computing systems use different configurations and the root cause of those problems might differ in each configuration. We do not want you to waste your time by searching for the perfect solution for the specific configuration that you are using. There is a chance that the guide you stumble upon might be fake as well as malicious. That is the reason we want you to follow all the fixes in this guide.

The BOOTMGR is a code used for managing the boot process and that code is essential for the computer to boot up. There is a process known as winload.exe and that process is handled by the bootmgr. There are a number of drivers which are loaded because of the winload file and if the bootmgr fails to execute the winmgr file, then unfortunately, those drivers which are necessary will not be loaded by the computer and this in turn will lead to the bootmgr error.

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Except the Windows XP version, all the Windows versions are booted using the BOOTMGR process and that is the reason it is significant that we solve this error as soon as possible.

There are various error statements which you might come across while facing the bootmgr problem:

1.”BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart”

2.”BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot.”

3.”Couldn’t find BOOTMGR”

4.”BOOTMGR is missing Press any key to restart”

There is an invisible drive which is also known as the drive with no letter or more popularly known as the system reserved partition. The bootmgr file is mainly stored on the system reserved partition, In case it is not on the system reserved partition, it is stored in the C drive also known as the primary partition.

There are several reasons which are responsible for the errors related to BOOTMGR:

  • The boot partition is corrupt or damaged
  • There are hardware problems
  • The BIOS is buggy
  • The files which are essential to the Windows Operating System are malfunctioning
  • The configuration data related to the boot operation is corrupted

We have observed several users skipping steps in order to try a quick fix. We encourage users to try new things but there are chances that your system might get damaged in the process. We would highly recommend creating a system restore point just in case you decide to go off topic and try something new.

FIX BOOTMGR is missing in Windows 10

Fix 1: Use the repair functionality

  1. Create and insert a bootable image installation drive of the Windows OS
  2. Press any key and select the language
  3. Click on the next button and click on the link to repair your computer
  4. Click on the option to troubleshoot and click on the button which says Advanced options
  5. Now use the startup repair functionality and follow the on screen instructions
  6. After everything has been done, reboot your computer

This should solve all the errors related to bootmgr.

In case the error still persists, make sure that you jump on to the next fix in order to find the root cause of this problem.

Fix 2: Change OS Boot Order

  1. Reboot your PC and while it is booting up, press the delete or F12 button in order to enter the BIOS setup
  2. Search for the option which says boot order or boot sequence
  3. The sequence should be set to the HDD first and then the external drive
  4. Save everything in your BIOS and reboot your computer
  5. This should solve all the errors related to bootmgr


This is one of the best guides you can use to solve the bootmgr problem. Make sure that you follow all the steps listed under the fixes and we assure you that your problems will vanish. We hope that this guide helps you in solving all the boot related errors. Good luck.


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