How to Fix SSL Error – Your connection is not Secure On Mozilla Firefox

There are times when users tries to load a particular website and they start getting the SSL error Your connection is not secure error. Even when the user tries to visit a highly trusted website like Amazon or eBay, this happens.

The Secure Socket Layer is a security protocol applied to the websites. It is a link between a server and a browser.

This error message is about the secure sockets layer. This helps the data to be encrypted when it is transferred.

The people who use Mozilla firefox, as well as the people who use google chrome, might experience these issues. What this error will appears out of the blue and block you from accessing the websites which you need to access. This SSL technology is used by almost all of the major organizations such as banking systems, commerce websites, internet security and many more. If you want to check whether the website which you are using is SSL protected, check if the link shows “https” at the starting itself, and if it does not, then the site does not consist of an SSL certificate.

The websites which have ‘high authority and trust’ might also be blocked because of this issue (even though they have a SSL certificate).

The browser will only show the firefox Your connection is not secure error message.

In case you try to open up a website which you don’t know about, we suggest that you do not ignore the SSL certificate message. The reason is that the website which you are trying to visit could inject malware on your system.

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However, if you are not able to get access to the websites which are secure such as Facebook, Medium, Twitter, Walmart, eBay then this might be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The Date and Time stamp which you are using are not correct
  2. The name of the SSL certificate is not correct
  3. The SSL certificate being fetched itself is invalid
  4. The website consists of unsafe content
  5. The one who has provided the SSL certificate is unauthorized
  6. Your antivirus or firewall might be blocking the websites
  7. The browser has not been updated or is damaged

Fix: Firefox Your connection is not secure Error

Fix 1: Clear Firefox Browser History

  1. Open the Firefox browser and click the menu icon on the top right of your Firefox window
  2. Open the tab named History and clear all the history
    your connection is not secure
  3. Open the Settings menu and browse to the Change Proxy section
  4. Expand the Security and Privacy tab and select the Medium level option
  5. Restart your browser

If the above method does not work, move on to the next one

Fix 2: Stop your antivirus from scanning SSL certificates

  1. Open the Settings of your antivirus software
  2. Open Advanced Settings and then go to the Protocol filtering section
  3. Disable the scanning

Every antivirus has options which differs so yours might not be exactly the same

Fix 3: Manually download and import the SSL certificate

  • Use the Export Feature button and jot down the location
  • Import the SSL by clicking its name and then selecting options
  • Go to Advanced > View Certificate > Import option
    firefox your connection is not secure
  • Restart your browser
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Fix 4: Enable System Restore

  1. If you are still experiencing the Firefox Your connection is not secure issue and you cannot find the root cause, it is wise to enable System restore point if you created one.
  2. Open the WinX menu by right-clicking the start button
  3. Navigate to System > System applet > System protection > System Properties Window > System Protection Tab
  4. Make sure that the protection for available drivers is turned on.
  5. In case its not, select C Drive > Configure > Turn system protection for windows On > Apply

Fix 5: Disable the option that lets you know if there is a mismatch in the certificate

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Open the Control Panel
  3. Expand Internet Options and click on Advanced
  4. Check for the Security tab and expand it
  5. Uncheck the radio button stating Warn About Certificate Address Mismatch
  6. Click the Apply button and then close it
  7. Restart your computer


We have created an article which comprises of all the methods required in order to completely fix the Secure Socket Layer errors which you are facing and to let you access all the websites again. We hope we were able to fix your issue successfully. Make sure you follow all the steps thoroughly. Good luck!


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