Firefox is not responding: Firefox Issues on Windows 10 [FIXED]

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used web browsers on Windows 10. It has many salient features that attract users to opt for it over other browsers. However, it is causing a frequent issue which reads Firefox is not responding on Windows 10.

Unresponsive pages of Firefox make you handicapped. None of the keystrokes or instructions seem to work anymore, and you might have to wait long before Firefox starts to work again. Sometimes this act may freeze whole system response or might just be restricted to Mozilla Firefox Application.

The cause of this issue might be many and can occur in many forms. Some of the obvious reasons might be, multiple download failures or interruptions on the browser page, some process at the system level causing delays on Firefox application, old device drivers, exceeded download memory reach, etc.

FIX Firefox Is Not Responding [Windows 10 / Windows 7]

Considering the issues, here are some answers suggested that are proved to have fixed the trouble.

1. Restart the System

This is by far the easiest and immediate solution of all. The apparent reason for the Firefox to hang might be some big process taking up the CPU time or memory. Or, there might be some issue with the application launch due to other processes causing a hindrance. The unanimous solution to an unseen cause is giving your system a restart. This might clear off the trouble.

2. Update Firefox

The easiest way this issue will be fixed is by confirming whether you are running on the latest firefox version or not! To check whether you are running on the latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser hit the settings button in the top-right corner and hover over the Help tab and click on About Mozilla Firefox.
firefox not responding

3. Update the Graphics Card Drivers

One of the reasons for Firefox to freeze would be that your graphics card drivers are obsolete. Keeping the drivers updated will fix this problem.

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In order to achieve this, follow the steps below:

  1. Press Windows + X Key. Select Device Manager from the menu.
  2. Select and expand Display Adapters from the list.
    firefox not responding 2017
  3. Right-click on each one and select Update Driver Software.
  4. Reboot the system.

Your issue might be resolved in case the cause was the out-dated device drivers.

4. Disable Hardware Acceleration On Firefox

Hardware Acceleration is an intensive task performed on a single task continuously by CPU. This will mostly eat up all the CPU time and resources that other tasks are maybe waiting for. Hence disabling the Hardware Acceleration on Firefox will help to resolve the deadlock.

To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the top-right menu icon on the browser window.
  2. Select Options from the list.
  3. Navigate to General Panel and navigate to Performance .
    firefox not responding windows 10
  4. Uncheck ‘Use recommended performance settings checkbox’ and also remove the ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ feature.
    firefox is not responding
  5. Close all the windows.
  6. Restart Firefox again.

5. Create New Places Database

Places database stores bookmarks, icons, history, and other browsing data input. When the firefox is not responding, it might be because of corruption of Places file.

Creating new places database will erase the bookmarks and browsing the history of the day. To apply this fix,

  1. Click on the top-right menu icon in the browser.
  2. Select Help and Choose Troubleshoot Information.
  3. Under Application basics sector, click on Open Folder.
  4. Click on the menu icon again and choose Exit.
  5. In the Firefox profile folder, do the following. Find and replace places.sqlite to places.sqlite.old and places.sqlite-journal to places.sqlite-journal.old (if it exists).
  6. Re-open the Firefox.
  7. Reinitiating causes Firefox to create a new Places database. History will be lost while the bookmarks will be updated with the recent backup.

6. Troubleshoot Installed Plugins

Some of the sites open might be using plugins like Java, Adobe Reader or Flash. At times, these plugins trouble the normal functioning of Firefox.

You can choose to update or re-install these plugins to check if the issue is resolved. Sometimes you will have to re-initialize the plugins database to reform the state of the plugins on the browser.

7 . Deleting Duplicate Session Restore Pages

Sometimes firefox is not responding when a number of Session Restore Pages are open simultaneously. Delete the extraneous by doing the following:

  1. Click on the top-right corner, Menu Icon.
  2. Select Troubleshooting Information
  3. Under Application basics sector, click on Open Folder. Your Profile folder will be opened.
  4. Click on Firefox Menu again and click Exit.
  5. Find and delete the sessionstore.js file and any copies, such as sessionstore-1.js, sessionstore-2.js.
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8. Modifying PAC implementation

If you are using proxy-auto-config (PAC) file, then Firefox will freeze when you try to access pages that don’t exist or those that aren’t opened recently.

You can confirm if you use PAC file,

  1. Click on the Firefox Menu icon and choose Options.
  2. In the General Panel, navigate to Network Proxy section and click on Settings.
  3. If Automatic proxy configuration URL is selected, then you have chosen PAC.
  4. Check for a workaround in this case.
  5. Click on menu and Exit

9. Update / Disable Java Plugin

Sometimes the java applets that persist after closing them are said to cause of firefox is not responding. Make sure you update the Java Plugin if you need it, else remove it from Add-ons in the Firefox Add-Ons Manager.

10. Troubleshoot AntiVirus

Some cases have dealt with Firefox troubled by settings in the Internet Security software. Firewall and anti-virus lead to some pages freeze, at times. Make sure you consider this cause and troubleshoot them.

11. Troubleshoot Installed Extensions

A troublesome extension can cause your Firefox to fail miserably. In this case, you might want to reconsider your extension. You can either remove them or disable them.

Final Words..

If firefox is not responding when you are downloading images, consider clearing the download history or changing the download folder. This might just revamp the download memory and give enough space to reduce the chances of any further issues.

Having said the above remedies, there might be other unknown and spurious reasons causing your Firefox to behave weirdly. However, most of the general causes and corresponding solutions are covered in this article. Hope it has given you the required quick-fix.

Firefox is not responding: Firefox Issues on Windows 10 [FIXED]
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