How To Find Friends Of Similar Interests With IamHere – The Hyperlocal People Discovery Platform

It is always exciting to find someone who shares your interest and hobbies. There are many apps available online that fulfill this need, for example, Facebook and Instagram. All these applications have made it easier for people to connect with more and more people worldwide. But what if you need a dancer, designer, football coach or a fitness trainer near you? Well, there is a hyperlocal startup for your rescue – IamHere.

IamHere connects people having similar interests and passion in the neighbourhood, through the medium of search, chats, calls, stories, and events. It addresses the problem of location-based search and collaboration. It lets you directly connect with the people you want to, near you. In simple words, it is a common place for all the people in the neighbourhood to discover and connect with each other.


For instance, if you are looking to lose weight, then you can look for a trainer on the app. Search for “fitness trainer” and the map will show you all the available trainers around you. Then you can connect with them through the in-app chat interface. IamHere has a smooth and intuitive user interface, and that helps even non tech-savvy users.

The IamHere app makes it easier for people to find friends in their neighbourhood; businesses can advertise and promote their products and services; NGOs can promote their social campaigns and find volunteers and donors in their neighbourhood; event organizers can promote their events and reach the right audience. Hundreds of people are joining the IamHere network every day. It’s your chance now to register on the IamHere app and start creating your Avatars, start making connections with people nearby and build the world around you. Contacts always do a great deal of good, go ahead and make those connections in your neighbourhood, near you now!

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