Solved: Remove Fake Virus Warning from Microsoft Edge

There are users who are in panic mode because of some warnings that have been popping up in their system. One of them is the ‘Your computer has a virus’ message. There is no need to be panicking because this is not an official message from the Microsoft Windows Operating System nor it is from the antivirus software that you are using.

These kind of viruses are one of the cheap ones which disable some basic things. This virus is just a script written by some wannabe hacker kid. What this will do is that it won’t allow you to use your browser because it will continuously keep on popping up the prompts/alerts on the edge browser and annoy you.

You can easily get away temporarily by closing the browser completely using the task manager by ending the process.

There is some information which you will see when this pops up. It will display a number which is toll free and you will be able to connect to it. This is a scheme which is set up by scammers who try to scare you by popping up these harmless virus files. It is not by any means an official Microsoft request and what it does is that it steals your credit card information and charges you a lot of money. They will tempt you to pay money in order to clear you of the virus. Make sure that you do not do that because there have been reports of people being scammed for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

What this will do is modify the configuration of the Microsoft Edge browser and make itself pop up everytime you open up the browser. There might be a vulnerability which might have been exploited by this application which has been created by the kid. We hope that Microsoft solves this vulnerability issue as fast as possible. For now, all that can be done is the steps which we have recommended in order to solve this problem

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We have combined a number of fixes in here so that you can solve all the problems in no time. Different computers use different configurations and these configurations lead to the root cause of the virus. That is the reason we recommend that you follow all the steps which are listed in this guide so that you won’t need to jump from one website to another in order to find the fix which is specific to your configuration.

There have been instances where the users have been trying to mess with the steps which we have mentioned here. We do encourage the users to learn new things but if they want to meddle with the standard things, we totally recommend them that they create a system restore point. What restore point does is that it will record all the configurations in the present time and allow the user to switch back to those configs in case there is a problem while meddling with the steps.

2 Fixes to Remove the Fake Virus Warning from Microsoft Edge

Make sure that you close the Microsoft Edge browser process. You can do that by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc buttons. Pressing them will open the Task Manager. All you have to do is search and select the name of that process and click on the end task button. You can follow all the fixes listed below after you do that.

Fix 1: Use the CCleaner Application

  1. Download the CCleaner from the piriform website. You can just google the term ‘piriform CCleaner’ and you will find the download link.
    microsoft edge virus
  2. Do the same with the antimalware software by googling the term ‘MalwareBytes Antimalware
    microsoft edge virus
  3. Scan the full system using the MalwareBytes antimalware software. This application will detect all the harmful files and present you the same in list format. Make sure that you remove all of the bad files it recommends you to remove.
  4. Open the CCleaner application. Run the cleaner and it will analyze all the junk in your system
  5. Make sure to select everything and let the CCleaner application clean it up for you.
  6. Open up the Registry Menu in the CCleaner application and click on the button to clean the Registry. Make sure you opt to make a backup when prompted by the CCleaner app.
  7. After all has been done, make sure to restart your computer in order for the changes to take full effect.
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Fix 2: Use an Adware Cleaner and HitmanPro

  1. Download the software known as ‘AdwCleaner’ by searching the term on Google.
  2. Do the same with HirmanPro.
  3. Open the AdwCleaner software and scan your system.
  4. In case there are adwares it detected, make sure that you delete them
  5. Reboot your computer
  6. Now open up the HitmanPro application. Scan your system using it and make sure to eliminate any threats it detects.

This should fix the fake virus warning problem in the Microsoft Edge Browser.


This is one of the best guides you can find in order to get rid of the edge virus. Follow the fixes in order and make sure to not miss a step. We assure you that your virus will be gone once you are done with the essentials. We hope that this guide helps you. Good Luck.


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