FIX Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration In Windows 10

An IP address is basically an ‘Internet Protocol’ which your PC automatically adopts to while connecting to an Internet. A PC gets in touch with the internet through the gateways and routers; they assign the IP address that further leads your system to stand up with the wide areas of the network. Sometimes a Windows 10 PC tackles the problem when Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration.

When your Network Interface Card i.e. NIC hooked up to Modem or Router via an Ethernet Cable and that is unable to get a valid IP address, this causes your valid IP configuration. The configuration is needed as it lets your PC talk to the router and get it to enable to function with the Internet.

The issue may arise from many causes but it mainly refers to the three main sources that are highly contributing towards the problem to arise. The three could be understood in a sequence like –

  1.    A faulty Router
  2.    An IP address is assigned but incorrectly
  3.    A faulty Network Interface Card

FIX Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration [Windows 10 / Windows 7]

These are just the causes behind when your problem when Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration in Windows 10. Here, we are going to unwrap the solutions to fix the problem in very simple terms. There are different solutions for every different cause. You just need to identify the cause first and then proceed for one relative solution –

Fix 1: Restart Your System

Many users have claimed that their particular issue gets solved when they disabled the Fast Startup and then restart their systems. Now, this is the time to understand what the Fast Startup is, it is something that is developed to reduce the boot time by assigning the loads from cache and system memory. Disabling the same is definitely a great solution to the problem, but this will lead you to lose the amazing feature altogether. Follow the below steps to proceed for the same –

  1.    Open WinX Menu by right-clicking on the Start Menu button.
  2.    Click on Power Options there, and Click on Choose what the power buttons do or do in the left pane.
    ethernet doesn't have a valid ip configuration
  3.    Now, click on Change settings.
  4.    Find the checkbox that is beside the Turn on fast startup, uncheck the same to disable.
    ethernet doesn't have a valid ip configuration
  5.    Save changes and close the system settings.
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Now, restart your PC to check whether the issue is solved or not.

Fix 2: Check Your NIC

Usually, the Router itself provides the IP whenever a system gets connected. But if sometimes you want to do it manually, still it is preferred to set automatic first, once it is established then only proceed to change the internet properties and re-configure the same. If you are Windows 10 OS user follow the instructions to achieve the solution –

  1.    Launch Run dialogue box by pressing Windows Key + R.
  2.    Type ncpa.cpl there and hit Enter.ethernet doesn't have a valid ip configuration windows 10
  3.    Network Connections window will open. Now, right click on Network Adapter and choose Properties.
    ethernet doesn't have valid ip configuration
  4.    From the Ethernet Properties window, first, click to highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
    windows 10 ethernet doesn't have a valid ip configuration
  5.    Then click on Properties. Now, the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties window will open.
  6.    Here you’ll need to check the two settings are selected: Obtain an IP Address Automatically and Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically.
    ethernet 2 doesn't have a valid ip configuration

You should do this for you Ethernet Card now move to next.

Fix 3: Checking the connected cables

If you have tried enough for every solution but none has worked on your case then it is time to check for the very basic issues that may raise the problems. You need to check for the proper connectivity of the cables. Every time you attach the Ethernet cable to your system it must be sound as ‘click’. If you are not getting this kind of sound then there must be an issue in connectivity.

Fix 4: Reboot Router

Rebooting a router is not that much difficult. You need to switch off your Router and then wait for five minutes after a while again switches on the power. Now restart the system to connect with the same and again wait for a while to make sure the internet gets connected. If it is still having the issue, try for another Ethernet Cable to connect.

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Fix 5: Resetting Network Settings

One other trick you can apply here is resetting your internet settings. There are many cases where the issue is originally originated by either outdated or any conflict of the existing network. You can re-establish the connection procedure by flushing the DNS server. Resetting the socket can fix the error, follow steps –

  1. Press Windows + S, and type ‘command prompt’ there.
  2. In cmd window, execute the below instruction one by one –
    nbtstat –R
    nbtstat –RR
    netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
    netsh winsock reset
  3. Now, restart your PC, and then press Windows + R
  4. Type ‘control panel’ there and enter. Select Network and sharing center.
  5. Then click on Change adapter settings. Now, Right-click on your Ethernet hardware and select Disable.
  6. Now, again right click there and set Enable

Check whether your issue is fixed now, otherwise move to the next solution.

Fix 6: Re-install Network Adapter

  1.    Press Windows + X key together.
  2.    Type hdwwiz.cpl there and hit OK button.
  3.    Navigate to Network Adapters, click to expand the same.
  4.    Note down your network card’s name.
  5.    Right click on NIC (Ethernet Card) and select Uninstall.
  6.    Now click on Action and Scan for hardware changes.

Now, your issue must be solved. If it is still showing issue then you need to contact the card manufacturer.

These are the few solutions that will help you to fix if your Windows 10 OS system is trying to access the internet but the Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration. Individual case and source imply different approaches to solve. You need to understand that first and then proceed one by one.

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