Fix: Error Code 0x800704ec when Turning On Windows Defender

There have been a lot of cases where the users are experiencing errors related to the Windows Defender in their Windows 10 Operating System and no matter what they do or how many times they try to reboot their computer, this error shows up and they are not able to ultimately turn on the Windows Defender. The error code 0x800704ec appears in the form of notification by your Windows computer.

The Windows Defender icon will turn into a different color to indicate that it is unable to start and will pop up an error on your face. All the Windows Operating Systems are vulnerable to this problem and they can pop this error up either when you click on the icon of the Windows Defender or when you try to turn on the Windows Defender. One of the simplest reasons is when your third-party antivirus software is messing around or creating a conflict with the Windows Defender program. Some of the examples of those antiviruses are Avast, Comodo, Bitdefender, and many more. This so-called Windows Defender used to be an optional download for the previous old windows versions but is now available for the Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 10 as well as the Windows Vista version. When it was released in the 8.x versions, this Windows Defender turned into a full-time antivirus software which was responsible for the Real-Time protection of the Windows systems.

Once the users decide to install the third party antivirus software, the Windows Defender software will automatically switch itself off so as to prevent conflicts between the new antivirus software that the user installed and the Windows Defender program which exists by default. In case you recently installed any other antivirus program or just activated it for experimental purposes, make sure you disable the third-party security software and use the Windows Defender software without facing the Error Code 0x800704ec issue.

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In case you are not using any other security software or have not installed any other application which has something built in for security, You might be the victim of the poorly configured Group Policy. The files of the group policy settings might be damaged or corrupted. There have been cases that suggest that a virus had caused this damage, modification or corruption so make sure that you remember the name of the program you installed last when you had to disable the Windows Defender.

Here are the things which might happen when you face the error code 0x800704ec issue:

  • The computer is working sluggishly or freezing
  • Every application is crashing, or there’s lag present in the games which you are playing
  • You are a victim of the Blue Screen Of Death Errors
  • There are loads and loads of advert pop-ups in your computer applications. (They might be standalone)

There are specific infectious or malicious files which do not show any of the above symptoms and still successfully disable the Microsoft Windows Defender so don’t think for a second that the error code 0x800704ec is not occurring due to malware.

There are several fixes which we will include in these tutorials. We have gathered them from all the sources possible in order to bring you an all in one guide which you can use to solve the Error Code 0x800704ec.

Steps to fix the Error Code 0x800704ec in Windows 10:

Fix 1: Remove Third-Party Antivirus

Note: Settings might differ in different antivirus programs but the procedure is somewhat similar, and all of it means the same (just different terms)

  • Open up your antivirus program
  • Open up the main menu of your antivirus program and search for the Settings icon
  • Once you open up the Settings menu, search for an option to Troubleshoot
  • Disable all the real-time security measures taken by your antivirus system
  • Press the apply button and move on to the next step
  • Open the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Esc buttons
  • Search for the task with the name of your antivirus/antimalware software and end that task
  • Search for the Applications and Features menu in the Start menu
  • Search for your antivirus program and Uninstall it
  • Reboot your computer once you are done with it and now you will be able to access the Windows Defender without the error.
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Fix 2: Clean all the drive errors as well as scan any problem and fix it.

  • Use the Start + X key and open the Command Prompt using Administrator privileges
  • Type the sfc /scannow command and press Enter
    error code 0x800704ec
  • Type DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth and DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth one by one and press the Enter key
    error code 0x800704ec	0x800704ec
  • Close everything and restart your computer


The above errors should solve all your problems if you make sure to follow each and every step we have mentioned here without fail. Make sure you do not download any unknown files from the internet. Only download files from legit sources so that you do not face any such errors. We hope that this guide helps you. Good luck!


Fix: Error Code 0x800704ec when Turning On Windows Defender
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