‘This website is not available. The connection to was interrupted.Error 101 (net:: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The Connection was reset”

If you are getting this error, you will not be able to establish a connection to the website which you are trying to visit. There are several reasons for the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error. The most common reason is fault in the registry and network modifications.

The ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error might happen for all the sites. However, in most of the cases, only specific websites are blocked instead of all the websites.

Our experts have compiled this guide so that you can solve all the problems easily. This guide consists of multiple fixes because there is no global fix. Different systems face different bugs and the core problem might differ. We do not want you to waste your time searching for the perfect solution to your problems so make sure you follow our guide.

There have been instances where the users have cause irreversible damage to their systems. The damage is caused by the misconfiguration of certain files which are important to the operating system. Make sure you create a system restore point so that your system will be recoverable and you can go all out on all the fixes which are mentioned below.

3 Fixes to Solve ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error

Fix 1: Use Antimalware Program

There are a number of trusted malware fighters in the market. The one we recommend is the malwarebytes anti malware solution. There are errors which a virus or a malware might create on your computer in order to block your accessibility and make you suffer.

  • Download the Malwarebytes anti malware software from the official website. The website can be found easily by searching the appropriate term.
  • After you download it, follow the on screen instructions that you get after opening the setup file and make sure you install each and every utility it provides with the default Recommended settings.
  • Run a files system scan
  • If there are any harmful malware or virus processes in your system, this antimalware will be able to delete it with your consent.
  • This should most probably fix all your problems and let you connect to the website.
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In case this method does not solve the error, jump on to the next method.

Fix 2: Run CCleaner

The Piriform company has developed this application which optimizes your system as well as frees all the space which is unnecessarily occupied by the junk files in your system. This application is now the property of Avast and has been improved dramatically since the developers of Avast started working on it.

  • Download the CCleaner application from the official website. You can simply look up for the term CCleaner download and your search engines will guide you.
  • Install this application by opening the setup file and following the on screen instructions. Make sure to follow the recommended installation methods.
  • Run this application and let it analyze your system
  • After the system has been analyzed, let it clean the system by pressing the Run Cleaner button
  • Make sure all the Registry options are enabled before clearing the Registry files using the Registry menu
  • Also make sure you create a backup of your registry before cleaning it(You will be prompted by the CCleaner application to do so)
  • Click on the ‘Fix all issues’ button and wait for it to complete the scan
  • Reboot your computer check if the error has gone

In case this method does not solve the error, jump on to the next method.

Fix 3: Use Command Prompt to Reset Settings

  1. Open up Command Prompt using Administrator privileges
  2. You can search for CMD in the start menu and right click on it to Run it with Administrative privileges
  3. Type the commands:
    ipconfig /flushdns
    nbstat -r
    err_connection_reset chrome
    netsh int ip reset
    chrome err_connection_reset
    netsh winsock reset
    the connection was reset chrome
  4. Restart your computer after making sure that you are done with applying all the changes. This should fix the ‘This website is not available.The connection to was interrupted.Error 101 (net:: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The Connection was reset’ error.
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We have provided the use cases for all the resources you can utilise free of cost. These fixes will surely resolve all the problems which are related to the network connection. Make sure to follow each and every fix without fail so that you can destroy your problem. We hope that this guide helps you solve ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error. Good Luck.


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