Easy Anti Cheat: Error 20006 [3 Easy FIXES] [LATEST]

Most of the times, an EasyAntiCheat error can prove to be a gamer’s absolute nightmare. If you are in the middle of a game or just about to launch one, all you’ll want is to excel in the game and not to be stopped by a technical error. Well, if you’re getting an error which says: Couldn’t start the game. Error code: 20006 Cannot Create service (EasyAntiCheat)”, then we’re afraid to say that this issue is related to Easy Anti Cheat Error Code 20006, which is usually faced by Fortnite players which uses EAC.
easyanticheat error code 20006

Now, the question arises what EasyAntiCheat is? Well, as their website states, it is an anti-cheating service which performs a kind of surveillance to counteract cheating and hacking in PC games which include multiple players. “Hybrid anti-cheat mechanisms” are used in this. How it works is by incorporating both client and server-side analysis, so that it can recognize potential threats and hacking techniques in no time.

EasyAntiCheat Error code 20006

Fortnite, Far Cry 5, For Honor, Rust, Scum and every other game that runs Easy Anti-Cheat has the possibility of receiving such as error. Like mentioned earlier, they can act as a hindrance between you and your game that you have been anticipating to dive into. But with a few simple DIY steps it is very much possible to get rid of this error to continue playing your game or launch a new one without any threats of cheating or hacking.

Thankfully, the process isn’t complicated to solve and is not something you will need a technician for. It takes only a couple of minutes before you can go ahead and enjoy your PC game.

Easy Anti Cheat: Error Code 20006 FIXES

1. EAC Support

Before you turn anywhere or spend time trying to figure out how to fix the Easy Anti Cheat Error Code 20006, it makes sense to contact EAC support since they usually have a set of generic solutions which may prove to be helpful for you. According to EasyAntiCheat, these error messages occur whenever EAC service isn’t being able to be initiated by the game launcher when you need it to launch the game. This message will invariably include the System Error Code of Windows inside the brackets.
EAC support and easyanticheat download

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So, whenever you’re facing such issues, access EAC support without wasting any time so that you can get cracking on your game without any hindrance of an error.

2. Fixing Error Code 20006 (1058)

If your Easy Anti Cheat Error Code 20006 is 1058 one, then what it is telling you is that the program has been disabled. Do you know how to fix this back again to enable it? Well, head to ‘Services’ right click on the program and open ‘Properties’. After doing so, you will find a “Startup Type” option will appear in the Properties window. Under that, you will find either of these: “Disabled”, “Automatic”, “Automatic (delayed)”, or “Manual”.

Firstly, ensure that your antivirus/firewall isn’t blocking your EAC. If it is, you need to open your firewall, look for the Permissions section, spot EAC, and then unblock it if you find it blocked. Next, you need to reinstall or repair you EasyAntiCheat. But why do we have to do that if it is already installed? That’s because the present one may be corrupted for a particular game you wish to play. A simple repair would solve this issue. This can be done from 1 of 2 locations: EasyAntiCheat folder found that is present in the game’s install folder, or the EasyAntiCheat folder in Program Files. Now, you need to go ahead and locate the folder. Once you do that, all you’ve got to do is run the EAC install executable and select “repair” which will be visible on a new pop-up window.

If this doesn’t get your game back on track, you may want to switch off your antivirus and going ahead with the re-installation process again. You could also reboot your PC or even better, do both.

A quick note for all of you who wish to be a bit more vigilant and aware:

You can set an exclusion for EAC’s root folder in the Program Files. You can even take that extra step and set up exclusions for every, and any EAC enabled game that will have EAC in its root folder.

3. Last Resort

Okay, so you tried all that was mentioned above but still was unable to get your game up and running without that annoying error. We have yet another solution for you. Such problems hardly ever have a foolproof solution since it is often a result of many things at one time.

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But, why did none of these work? That is probably because some other factor has disabled EAC. The W’s of it, we will soon unveil using this method. The simplest thing to do at this point is to turn it back on. If you find yourself in a bit of a fix as to how to do that, let us guide you through it. Go to ‘Services’ by opening the Start menu and typing ‘Services‘ on Windows 10.

fix easyanticheat error code 20006 and download easy anti cheat

Then, locate EasyAntiCheat and right-click on ‘Properties’. Here in this window, you will find “Startup Type” just like before. This time, you need to change it from ‘Disabled to ‘Automatic’ or ‘Automatic (delayed)’ if you are concerned about the bootup performance. Then, click ‘Apply’ and close both the windows before going ahead and launching your game.  Even though this should set you up for this time, you ought to remember that the possibility of this error occurring again isn’t harmful.

No matter what kind of error it is that is blocking you from enjoying your game and playing it smoothly so that you can go from one level to the other without any hassle, trying these solutions in case of an Easy Anti Cheat Error Code 20006 should get you back on track. If technology has given us multiplayer games, it has also given us ways to deal with any error that may surface. Hope!!! These tricks will help you to fix your easy anti-cheat error.


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