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Discord is one of the best and the most popular Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service application which is used by a vast community of Developers, Gamers, Music Enthusiasts and also is supported on most of the platforms out there.

Recently, due to a bug in the updates related to Discord, there have been issues raised by the users. The two of the most common issues include the Discord mic not working issue and the Discord application won’t open issue. We are going to discuss how to solve the Discord won’t open issue here today.

We have provided several custom tailored step by step tutorials below which have been reported by multiple users to work in their cases. Make sure you follow this guide so that you don’t need to browse other websites in order to get the fixes.

There might be two cases of errors here:

Discord not opening/launching :- There is nothing which appears when you try to launch the Discord application even when trying to run it as an administrator.

Discord is stuck on the connecting screen at launch :- This is somewhat similar to the first case but in this case, the Discord screen is up and visible. The problem is, the screen is totally blank (or loading in a continuous loop) and won’t open up. In case you are facing this error, there might be a problem with your network connection.

How to Solve Discord won’t open Issue

Fix 1: End Background Process

Once you have launched the Discord application, in case you don’t see a screen appearing even after waiting for some time, follow the steps:

  • Tap the Ctrl + Shift + Esc buttons to open up the Task Manager
    discord wont open
  • You can alternatively right-click the Windows taskbar and click on the “Start Task Manager” link to open it up
  • Open the Startup menu in the Task Manager and check whether the Discord application is disabled. If it isn’t disabled, then disabling it is the way to go.
    discord not opening
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Steps To end the background process of Discord.exe

  • Open the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc button and open up the Processes tab in the Task Manager
  • You will be able to locate the discord.exe process and if in case you do locate it, it is confirmed that the file has been running in the background for quite some time and that might be the reason that your Discord won’t open up.
  • Select the Discord executable process name or multiple Discord process names if that is the case and end the task by pressing “Ok”.
  • All you will need to do now is reboot your computer. Wait for the computer to boot and after it boots, wait for a minute or two so that it can load all its drivers. Now you can try to run Discord as an administrator in order to check whether it works or not.

Fix 2: Kill Process

  • Press the Start + R key together and it will open the run window
  • Type CMD in the input box and press enter
  • Enter taskkill /F /IM discord.exe in the CMD screen and press Enter.
    discord blank screen

Reboot and try running Discord in the administrator mode to check if it’ll work or not.

In case it is still not working and stuck on the blank screen/loading loop screen then follow our next fix.

Fix 3: Allow applications from anywhere option in windows

If Discord is not downloaded from the store, it won’t run as your system has been configured to only run the applications which are from the store. In order to change that, you only need to follow a few simple steps.

  • Use Windows + I key together to open settings
  • Open the apps menu and browse to the Apps and Features section
    discord wont open
  • Once opened, you will notice a section which says “Installing the Applications” or “Install Apps”. Select the option to “Allow apps from anywhere“.
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If the option ‘Allow apps from anywhere’ is already enabled, there might be a different problem.

Fix 4: Sign-in to through Web Browser

There are loads and loads of users who reported that logging in to Discord using the web application in the browser has enabled them to successfully solve the issues with the loading screen or blank screen in the desktop application.

Therefore, you should just open up your browser and put in your login credentials on the official website and then after logging in there, try using the application on your desktop.

It is also imperative that your firewall is not blocking the Discord application and it’s IP addresses because that might be the reason that your desktop application is not working.

Other fixes (rare): Reinstall the application, update your Windows, update to the latest version of Discord, scan for virus.


The fixes mentioned above should be able to fix your Discord problems for sure. We guarantee that these are the most bulletproof method you can perform in order to fix the issue.


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