How to delete your Skype account

Skype is a software developed by the Microsoft developer team and is used for end to end communication in a simple way. This application by Microsoft follows a freemium model i.e., all the essential services are free but for extra powerful features, that is, for big organisations, there will be a premium which they will have to pay in order to activate those features. In this article, our experts will talk about to delete skype account the right way!
how to delete skype account

Recently, the Skype software has been made unusually complex by the developer team and it is sometimes difficult to perform simple tasks which should be straightforward. That is the reason we had to create a guide for normal non-technical and technical users as well as new users who are unfamiliar with this software’s usage.

It is pretty much obvious that no one would want you to deactivate your account on their platform especially if it is based on a freemium model. Because of that, users need to follow multiple steps in order to perform a simple task which is deleting an account. The payment information which you have saved for default payments needs to be removed. All the deals or any subscription which you have signed up for needs to be removed, you will also need to remove the link between your Skype account and the Microsoft account and a lot more if you want to be able to completely delete your Skype account.

You don’t have to be tensed about this because we have created a step by step guide to delete skype account which is easy to follow just for you. Make sure that you follow each and every step if you want to close down your Skype account right away without any hassle later on.

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Unfortunately, Skype won’t provide you with a simple button to deactivate the account which you are currently using. You need to contact the company directly in case you desire to deactivate the account which is what they say.

These following tasks must be completed before doing so:

  • You have to unlink the Microsoft account from the Skype account
  • You should cancel all your active subscription plans and ask for a refund
  • You will need to unlink the Skype number
  • You will need to disable the auto-renew option and your payment information in order to disable auto payment
  • You will have to update the mood message
  • You will have to set the status of your account to invisible/offline
  • You will also need to log out of your Skype account (all the devices)
  • You should also remove your personal details from there

We urge you to use all your Skype credits if you are planning to delete your Skype account because they will be lost and you wont be able to recover the same.

Important: If you delete your Skype account while it is linked to the Microsoft account, the Microsoft account will be deleted too. In order to prevent that from happening, follow the guide.

Steps to delete your Skype Account

how to delete skype account

  • Log in to the Skype account using your web browser
  • Click the settings/account settings button
  • Click the Unlink button which is next to your Microsoft account
  • Confirm and proceed ahead and you will be done with it
  • Now cancel all the subscriptions which you opted for using the Skype settings menu
  • Simply click the cancel subscription menu
  • Now just click I want to cancel button
  • Don’t forget to request for a refund if you have not use any subscription
  • If you have a number purchased for people to call you, make sure you remove it too
  • Just open Skype numbers > Manage features > Settings > Cancel skype number
  • After deactivating, it will be reserved for 90 days in case you change your mind and want to reactivate it
  • If the auto recharge option is enabled, make sure you disable it by going to Account details > Billings and Payments > Auto-recharge and hit Disable.
  • Once you are done with each and every step we mentioned, you can simply call the customer service they provide and tell them to close your account.
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  • Deleting the skype account which you are using will remove all the details which are associated with it along with the contacts, history data and past purchase data.
  • It will take up to 1 month for your profile details to disappear from the official skype directory
  • If you don’t want people to find you immediately, make sure you change your profile information as well as remove all the info which is not mandatory. You should also change your mood status to invisible/offline and it will help too.


We know that it is a tedious task to go throughout the fixes but it is for your own benefit that we urge you to follow all the steps mentioned above. We wouldn’t want you to lose unnecessary data as well as face unnecessary extra charges/bills. We hope that this guide helped you save a lot of time and hassle. Good luck.


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