CTF Loader (ctfmon.exe) What Is This? 4 Quick Methods To FIX The Issue

You can notice a ctfmon.exe in the task manager; it is not a CTF Loader error. The file named ctfmon.exe is an executable file which doesn’t do any harm to your computer system, but it slows down the speed of your computer system.

If you don’t want to see the annoying ctfmon.exe error pop-up, there is a solution to fix it. All you need to do is to attempt the following below-mentioned four methods and you should get rid of the error in no time.

CTF Loader

Before getting started with fixing the CTF error, it is essential to know what exactly the CTF loader is. It stands for Collaborative Translation Framework which majorly supports the voice recognition and handwriting tasks on your PC.


The ctfmon.exe is an executable file which is not a virus. It helps to process the service language and speech recognition on Windows 10 operating system. It also helps in the processing of Microsoft Office language bar and text input processor. But, when CTF loader is infected, it is mandatory to fix it.

4 Methods to Fix the CTF Loader Issues

Here are some possible options to repair the CTF Loader problem; to begin you need to start with the troubleshooting method if the first method doesn’t work move on the next one.

Method 1: Disable the Touch Keyboard

The first method to fix the ctfmon.exe error is to disable the touch keyboard options. It will disable the handwriting services completely.

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To disable the touch keyboard, follow the below steps

  1. Hit Windows + R key on your keyboard to launch the Run dialog box. Enter services.msc and click OK.
    What is ctfmon.exe
  2. You will see the list of services running.
    ctf loader
  3. Open the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service.
  4. Now tap on the Startup Type menu and select the option Disabled. Apply it.

Method 2: Delete the Executable Files

If you don’t find any changes even after disabling the touch keyboard, you can check out the next fix i.e delete the executable files.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to delete the executable files

  1. Step one is to go to the C:\Windows and open System32. Search for the ctfmon.exe file.
  2. Click on it and delete it.
  3. Search for the entire computer for the more ctfmon.exe file if any via good antivirus software. Delete all the executable files.

Deleting the ctfmon.exe files will prevent the CTF Loader to pop up in future.

Method 3: Task Scheduler

If the previous two ways didn’t work out, there could be possibly a side effect which is causing trouble. If you want to keep the ctfmon.exe file, then you can use the Task Scheduler. It helps to maintain control of the executable files.

Follow the below mentioned quick steps to fix the ctfmon.exe issue.

  1. Launch the Task Scheduler via taskschd.msc command.ctf loader virus?
  2. Tap and open the Task Scheduler Library.Task scheduler library
  3. Open Microsoft, windows and then TextServicesFrameworkctf loader fix
  4. Now, open the MSCTFMonitor and disable it.

These steps will prevent the CTF loader, and you can see the increase in overall computer speed.

Method 4: Scanning for Malware

It is the last option to fix the issue of CTF Loader. You have to scan through the entire computer system to all types of virus or malware. There are some possibilities that the ctfmon.exe is a virus file and is being executed as a legit program on your computer system.

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The best option is to conduct an anti-virus scan on your computer system. Once you run the anti-virus on your computer system, you can scan and detect the storage program which is running on your device. It is mandatory for you to delete the corrupted file as it could reduce the overall computer speed. Hence it is essential to conduct an anti-virus test regularly to prevent slowing down of the computer.

Moreover, an anti-virus program can help to clean up the entire computer and flush out the virus and malware which are primarily responsible for slowing down the processing speed.


The issue of ctfmon.exe can be fixed by following any of the above mentioned four steps. It won’t harm your computer of documents but can be extremely annoying as it reduces the computer speeds. It is better to fix it soon so that the situation does not turn out to be worst.

CTF Loader (ctfmon.exe) What Is This? 4 Quick Methods To FIX The Issue
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