Cortana Not Working [Solved] – 6 Ways To Fix It

Cortana is a Microsoft virtual and advanced digital aid. She enables its users to complete kinds of stuff. It works when you type your query in the inquiry box or you can use the microphone if you want to converse with her verbally. It often works amazingly and gives her users a delightful experience but some of the time she doesn’t work and create issues. Sometimes, he stops reverting to the questions asked or sometimes her reminders do not work.

But you don’t need to worry. There is a solution to the stopped Cortana. You need to follow some easy steps to make it work again. Here, we are discussing some solutions to make Cortana work on your device. You can follow this:

#1. Open ‘Cortana’ and reconfigure your microphone

It is obvious that Cortana can only able to work if your microphone is perfectly adjusted. If your microphone is not accessible, then she can’t be able to hear your words and hence stop working. Therefore you need to ensure that Cortana is empowered. To confirm the microphone accessibility, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Cortana settings
  2. Then, proceed to the taskbar where search option is available and type Cortana there.

  1. In system settings, tap on the option Cortana & search settings.
  2. After this, you need to check whether these accompanying choices are enabled: check if Cortana is reacting to ‘hey Cortana’; give her chance to respond when someone says ‘hey Cortana’ to talk to her or when necessary check ‘use Cortana when my device is locked’.
  3. Following this, check the microphone and make sure that Cortana is able to hear the voice and then tap on ‘get started’ alternative.
  4. To set up the mouthpiece work through the wizard. In case there are still some issues with it, then let your windows determine and rectify them.

#2. Rectify errors with your Microsoft account

In case that the start menu stops working or it is showing some issue in running, then it can be possible that there is some issue with your account of Microsoft. You can settle this problem by just logging out your account and then logging in again. It may get solved by doing this. To check whether the Microsoft account is causing the issue or not, follow these steps:


Tap the start button > click on the client symbol > tap sign out > sign in again with the Microsoft account


Even after this, if the problem doesn’t get resolved, then go the restart option and restart your device.

#3. Run the start menu troubleshooter

Microsoft comes up with the Microsoft 10 start menu troubleshoot. The troubleshooter searches the issues regarding the start menu and Cortana that is happening and at the same time resolves it. Therefore, if you find that Cortana is not working, and then it may be the case that the start button isn’t working appropriately and hence the name.  Here are the steps how to use it:

  1. Explore to Microsoft ‘investigate issues with the start menu and Cortana ‘ site page
  2. Click on the alternative try the troubleshooter and afterward click ‘start menu troubleshooters’.

  1. Tap on the downloaded record and click next. Then you find hat how your record relies upon the internet browser you are utilizing.

In case the problem emerges, let the troubleshooter settle them and then click on close.

#4. Check for the Microsoft updates

To settle up the issues regarding Cortana, Microsoft has updates for that. Introducing these updates will resolve issues promptly. Also, Cortana specifically works with limited dialects and not with all. Though with the help of updates one can add more languages. Therefore, your computer needs to support and access Cortana to work.  To refresh the windows updates, here are the steps:

  1. Go to the taskbar option then the search window will appear. In that, type check for updates.
  2. In the outcomes of system settings, tap on ‘check for updates’

  1. Then wait till the procedure is completed and if there is still some issue, and then restart your device.

#5. Restart the Cortana procedure

In case the above-mentioned solutions do not result in the solution of the issues of Cortana, then restart the Cortana windows procedure.  In order to restart the processes follow these steps:

  1. Firstly you need to hold down the control key (Ctrl)+ Alt key+ Delete key on the console. You will see the task manager will open.
  2. If it will be applicable, then tap more details.
  3. From the tab ‘processes’, look to find Cortana and tap it one time
  4. Following all the above steps, click at the end task.
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#6. Uninstall antivirus software

It may be possible that there are some known contradictions with Cortana and due to that it stopped working. There can be some unknown antivirus software that is downloaded by you in your computer and it may not be compatible with Cortana. Therefore, in case you are using an outsider antivirus or anti-malware program or application in your device, it can make Cortana stop its working. The issue may get settled by disabling that program, and then you should definitely uninstalling it and use windows defender in place of it. Windows defender works along with Cortana in Windows 10 and not opposes it.

To uninstall an outsider antivirus program, follow these steps:

  1. The very first step you need to perform is to go the taskbar option and type control panel in the search window
  2. After that from a control panel, tap on the alternative uninstall a program
  3. It will show you a rundown of programs and applications present in your device. You need to tap the antivirus program that you want to uninstall one time and click on uninstall.
  4. After clicking on uninstall, wait till the uninstall procedure ends.
  5. When the process gets completed, go to the restart option and restart your gadget.


These were some solutions to the issues regarding Cortana. In case Cortana quits working on your device, you can follow these steps to make her work.

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