Fix this copy of windows is not genuine

This is a very common Windows issue that users face while using Windows 10. There are many pirated copies of windows that are available and that are being installed by users because they are much cheaper. When a PC that has a pirated copy of Windows gets connected with the internet, the internet identifies the wrong version or copy of Windows. In this article, we’ll be sorting out the issue of This copy of windows is not genuine.

this copy of windows is not genuine

It also starts to display a message that This copy of windows is not genuine, especially when you are using Windows 7.  The issue often occurs when the windows is outdated or you are using a patched or unlicensed version of that windows. These corrupted windows runs properly for a short period, after a while your background will turn into a black screen. This  warning is usually mentioned prior at bottom-right of the desktop.

FIX This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine

When a user faces this kind of issue then it means that the system has the outdated version of OS. After seeing the black background and warning, the user ends up by struggling with the CD key again and again. They also try to get a patch to crack the windows activation but this is usually all in vain. If you are keeping your windows timely updated then the issue might be avoided otherwise you can go for any of the below-mentioned solutions –

Fix 1: Uninstall Update KB971033

Let’s start with the very first and most popular method for fixing the error. Many of the users who are facing the issue of their windows copy not being genuine, they recommend this solution. The reason behind the popularity of this fix is that it serves in many cases. The maximum number of users performs a few updates and achieves their success.

This proven method to fix the windows issue requires some specific steps that need to be followed –

  1.    Press the Windows button along with R key simultaneously. This will lead you to access the Run dialog box.
  2.    Once the Run box gets displayed in front of you, Type ‘control panel’ here and then press Enter to open the Control Panel.
  3.    Here in Control Panel, find the Program and then navigate to Programs and Features.
    windows 7 build 7601 not genuine
  4.    Now, click on View installed updates and find a list there.
    windows is not genuine
  5.    In the list of installed updates, you can find “KB971033”. Once you find this, proceed to uninstall the same.
  6.    After doing all these, set your PC to restart. Once your system is restarted, check whether the issue is solved.
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In many cases, you will find your problem has been resolved. But if your system is still showing the error message “This copy of windows is not genuine”, you may proceed to the next solution to get it solved.

Fix 2: Reset License Using Command Prompt

The next method to fix ‘This copy of windows is not genuine’ error, is to reset the license of your PC by using the Command Prompt as administrator. Follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve the issue –

  1.    Press Windows key along with X key, this will lead you to access Power user menu.
  2.    There, find ‘Command prompt (Admin)’ and select that.
  3.    In that Command prompt window, you need to type in ‘SLMGR –REARM’ and then press enter to proceed.
    this copy of windows is not genuine
  4.    Command will run and it may take a while for completion.
  5.    Once the run is completed, proceed to restart your PC.

Once when your PC gets started, check for the this copy of windows is not genuine issue that is has been resolved or not. It is expected that your system’s error is fixed now.

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But if after this, your PC is still has a black background with the same disheartening error message. You can go for the next solution below

Fix 3: Use gpupdate  /force command

If your system is showing for ‘This copy of Windows is not genuine 7601 error’, this is an alternative method which will use a command to fix. Here, you need to follow the below mentioned steps to resolve the issue and get your normal PC back –

  1.    Press the Windows key along with the alphabet R key to open the Run dialog box.
  2.    Once Run dialogue box opens, type rsop.msc there and press Enter.
  3.    Now navigate to the path, which is Windows settings and then click to Security settings
  4.    In the Security Settings, you will find System services, click here.
  5.    In System services, locate Plug and Play option and then right-click.
  6.    After this, locate ‘Startup’ and click on Automatic.
  7.    Now, again Press the Windows key along with the alphabet R key and open the Run dialog box.
  8.    Type gpupdate /force there and then press Enter.
  9.    The process may take a while, wait until the process gets completed then proceed to restart your PC.
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(NOTE: You can use any of these solutions to fix the “This copy of windows is not genuine“error display message only. The solutions have no concern with your pirated version of Windows as your copy is not going to automatically get converted into a certified one. On the other hand, this guide is just to help you navigate the issue after purchase. We recommend you to buy the most genuine version from the official store.)

‘This copy of Windows is not genuine’ is a very common Windows error that users struggle with. Above are the three most tested and trusted solutions which users use to resolve the issue. Although there are many more that people may suggest you like, Turning off Windows updates, Clean installation, performing System Restore or a few others, to make your windows genuine. but these are not as good

The three solutions which we have mentioned are the most preferred ones by many users. What you need to do is to be very particular while performing the steps as a single mistake can ruin everything and you will find no improvement on your PC’s error. The solutions will help you solve the this copy of windows is not genuine error by yourself without getting any help from any specialist or computer technician.


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