Fixed: Your Computer Is Low On Memory Warning

The warning message which states that Your Computer Is Low On Memory Warning is a common issue that is happening due to poor resource management. This happens when the Windows Operating System starts running out of disk space and there is not enough space to store more data on it.

When you run an application or a software, there is a minimum requirement for space occupation in your PC. If this minimum requirement is not met, the application might not even start to begin and if the application starts up, there will be issues like crashing, lagging, etc.

The overall user experience will begin to perish and you won’t feel like using that application anymore. The Your Computer Is Low On Memory Warning might also be an issue which affects the RAM which is on your system. When too much RAM or the Hard disk space is being used, there is a message which is displayed saying : ‘Your computer is low on memory. To restore enough memory for programs to work correctly, save your files and then close to restart all open programs.’

This says that when the device which you are using is devoid of the sensible amount of space required in order to run an application, the applications might stop performing well or crashing. You might lose information in case the application consists of some things you need to modify and save. This issue is major one and hence, the Windows Operating System will notify you when the device you are using is low on RAM or HDD memory.

There are two kinds of memories which your system depends on. One is the RAM which is less popularly known as Random Access Memory and another is a memory which is virtual. When the Random Access Memory is not enough for the Operating System, the data which needs RAM is moved to the paging file i.e . the memory occupied by the program using paging is the virtual memory.

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There is a limit to how many programs you can run and that limit majorly depends on the RAM of your system. If you run too many applications, the situation might get ugly for your system and it might run out of memory. This is known as memory leak.

To prevent those issues, you can modify the minimum as well as maximum paging file size. Our experts have compiled this guide in a way that any user can understand and solve the issue. We do not want you to jump from one website to another in order to find a fix specific to your situation so make sure you follow everything in this guide.

There have been instances where the users have cause irreversible damage to their systems. The damage is caused by the misconfiguration of certain files which are important to the operating system. Make sure you create a system restore point so that your system will be recoverable and you can go all out on all the fixes which are mentioned below.

2 Fixes for Your Computer Is Low On Memory Warning

Fix 1: Change Size & Capacity of Virtual Memory

  • Press the Start + R button in order to open up the Run dialog
  • Type the command sysdm.cpl in the input field and make sure to press the Enter button or click Ok after that
    your computer is low on memory
  • This will open up the System Properties dialog. Open the tab named Advanced and click on the Settings button inside the Performance box
    your computer is low on memory
  • This will open up the tab known as Performance Options
    computer low on memory
  • Click the Advanced Window and click on the Change button in the Virtual Memory Box
  • This will open a tab named Virtual Memory. Disable the radio button beside the term ‘Automatically manage paging the file size for all drives’.
  • Now select the drive where the Operating system is installed and add the custom values which are bigger than the previous ones.
  • Once you are done with applying all the changes, make sure you restart your computer so that the changes take effect.
  • This should solve your issues
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If the above method does not fix the Your computer is low on memory warning, make sure to jump to the next fix

Fix 2: Use CCleaner by Piriform to Fix System Registry

This is one of the best applications which you can use in order to fix many warnings as well as errors. There is a chance that the registry system in your Windows Operating System is malfunctioning or full of errors. Make sure you download this application from the official website and use it to clean all the problems away.

This should be able to improve your system’s performance as well as free a good amount of memory


We have created the best guide which can help you fix the ‘Your computer is low on memory. To restore enough memory for programs to work correctly, save your files and then close to restart all open programs.’ warning in no time. Make sure to follow each and every step in order to remove the warning signs. We hope this helps you solve your problems. Good luck!


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