[SOLVED] Problem Event Name : CLR20r3 Error – 5 EASY FIX

Let us begin with the step by step breakdown of the why’s and what’s. There is a utility available in the Windows Operating Systems which is used for recording digital videos and that utility also consists of a media player provided by Microsoft. In this blogpost article, our experts will talk about how to resolve the clr20r3 error.

There are small chances that the Windows Media Center is not able to read or record the television stations or there is a problem with the synchronization of your device (commonly blackberry device).

Your operating system needs to access the registry in order to run all the prerequisites which are required in order to run a particular application. You need to fix the possible errors that the software might face in order to make it work seamlessly again. Here is the list of possible errors which you might need to resolve in order to fix the clr20r3 error:

  • The operating system unable to access or read the registry files
  • Problems with the internal configuration (settings)
  • Not being able to process the information which is necessary for smooth operation properly

Methods To Fix clr20r3 Error

Method 1: Register the Windows Media Center Components again.

To re-register the Windows Media centre components, check out the instructions given below:

  • Click the Start Menu
  • Search for cmd
  • Right click command prompt
  • Select the Run as administrator option
  • Type the commands listed below respectively and press enter after typing each command
    regsvr32 atl.dllclr20r3
    cd C:\WINDOWS\eHome
    clr20r3 error
    ehSched /unregServer
    ehSched /service
    problem event name: clr20r3
    ehRecvr /unregServer
    problem event name clr20r3
    ehRecvr /service
    problem signature clr20r3
    ehRec.exe /unregServer
    clr20r3 not available
    ehRec.exe /regserver
    ehmsas.exe /unregServer
    clr20r3 not found
    ehmsas.exe /regserver
  • Exit the cmd prompt
  • Restart your computer
  • Try to run your program again and if the clr20r3 error still persists then move on to the next step
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Method 2: Fresh installation of the Windows Media Center

  • Click the Start menu
  • Open up the Control Panel
  • Click on the Programs dialogue
  • In the features section, select the “Windows features on or off
  • A Windows feature section will appear on your display
  • Open up the “Media and features” category
  • Mark the Windows Media Center as “Active” from the media features section
  • Restart your pc
  • Once again open up the same Media and features and check the radio button as active for the media features section

Method 3: Cleaning the Registry data and fixing any potential errors

The registry in windows consists of high priority files and their optimal settings which make it possible for your system to run without any stuttering in between. In a lot of case studies, it has been noted that one of the most significant factors which play a role in causing these errors is the registry system. It is possible to quickly tackle this problem by using a good source to download a reliable registry cleaner application.

  • The way you can do this is by downloading a tool which automatically does this tedious job for you.
  • Download any free registry cleaner/fixer application
  • The process to clean the registry should be pretty straight forward

Method 4: Clear the DRM cache

  • Make sure you have logged on to your system using the administrative privileges
  • Open up the Start menu
  • Type %systemdrive%\programdata\microsoft\drm into to search box
  • Press Enter once you see a search result
  • This will display the cache folder
  • Delete all those cache files
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Method 5: Install Windows 7 sp1

  • Make sure you have logged on to your system using the administrative privileges
  • Open up the Control Panel through the start menu
  • Open System and Security
  • Click on the automatic updating on/off option
  • Click the install updates automatically using the dropdown menu


These are the ways in which you can counter the clr20r3 error and make the applications in which you are facing any problems operational. If you still have any doubt or feel that you are stuck somewhere, contact us anytime via email or the comment box below and we will be happy to help you.


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