How to Charge your device in a jiffy with Jiffy Charge

Doesn’t it happen very often that we move out of the house with a fully charged phone, but by the time we meet our friends later in the evening for a cup of coffee, the battery is almost about to die? We try to charge it before we leave work or home, but we are also running late, and we can’t locate the power bank.

Our luck, we find it, but we realize the bulky piece of technology is not charged. Fuming and cursing under your breath, you decide to leave anyways rather than be late.

Then starts the frantic search for a plug point to put our charger, and instead of focusing on spending time with our friends, we are busy looking for coffee shops with a free plug point.
To resolve these nightmarish scenarios, wouldn’t it be delightful if we could get a power bank as we enter the coffee shop or a power bank at the mall entrance?

Fret not, a few innovative companies have thought of just that. These companies are working to build charging stations which help you take the power bank for a short while, till your battery is full and you return it when your work is done.

Most charge a small deposit, and the deposit is refunded once you return the bank. That is so cool, isn’t it?
I am sure you are wondering, but what if I use an iPhone or have an old model of a brand that is still on a type B charger, and I don’t have the cable on me. How is this service useful to me then?

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Jiffy Charge – Best Power Bank Rental Service

The founders of Jiffy Charge, one of the power bank rental services in the market, took care of this problem too. They ensured that the power bank is integrated with cables of all kinds so that when you pick up a bank, you have the type of cable you already need.jiffy charge

Their renting stations are fully automated, and you can access their services through an app. In these times of social distancing, they surely thought of minimal human involvement much before their time.
So how does one start using Jiffy Charge, and which cities are they present in? For starters, if you are in Hyderabad, all you have to do is download the Jiffy Charge app from the play store or app store, and after entering your details, you can locate the closest Jiffy Charge station to you.

Once you have located, you can transact through the app, pay your deposit and pay rent as per use. Their prices are very affordable, and the stations and power banks are very easy to use.
So the next time you are out on a coffee with your friends and your phone starts to beep for attention to charge, just log in and locate and charge that battery away, leaving you more time to spend with friends.

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