10 Best GBA emulators for android [2020]

If you are looking to play GBA games on your android devices, then you have landed at the right place. Undoubtedly, game boy advanced is one of the famous names that introduced us to the video gaming world. With the advancement in technology and increasing craze for smartphones, these games have lost somewhere. To play the old game boy advanced games, we need an emulator for assistance.

10 Best GBA Emulators For Android 2020

In this article, we have described the top 10 best game boy advanced android emulators. A good android emulator provides you with the emulation accuracy with a bundle of astonishing features. Let’s begin:

John GBA

best gba emulator

John GBA is a perfect pick for those looking for a simple and easy to use an emulator. It got its name from its developer- John Emulators, who has a passion for developing different emulators for various gaming systems. It contains hardware controller support, SD card support, fast forward, slow down features. Its dropbox support feature is what makes it suitable for all android users that allow you to save your data to the cloud so that you can resume playing with any other device. The user interface of this emulator is not so good, but you have the option to alter it as per your choice. You can download it from the play store for free. However, its premium version is also available that offers the convenience of playing games without pop-up ads.

My boy

best gba emulator for android

My boy is the most popular emulator readily available on the Google play store. It is a famous name among the android emulators because of its outstanding performance, reliability, and emulation benefits. It is compatible with all android devices and suitable for various android games. The premium version of this emulator will stop all pop-up advertisements while playing, thereby ensuring the best user experience. Other advantages included in the premium version are link connectivity, save states, multiple cheat codes.


best gba emulator for android 2019

Retroarch is one of a different kind of emulator that works not only as an emulator but a unique application that enables you to connect with other emulators. They are shown in ‘cores’, and you can choose from different cores to access a system you want to emulate. The emulator has high compatibility with android devices, and it is available for free to use. There are no ads in between the games, so it ensures a smooth experience.

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Classic boy

best gba emulator for android

The classic boy is an all in one elegant emulator that has the following consoles- play station, Sega genesis, game boy, game boy advance, and more. It consists of all the features of an emulator and allows you to play all the games without any interruption. Other than that, it has impressive controller support, saves data on the cloud, and inbuilt cheat codes.


Emubox is a new name in the list of android emulators. The best part of this emulator is its controller support. It is similar to the classic boy, but it has different supported consoles including Nintendo DS, PlayStation, SNES, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. It consists of all the basic features of emulators like cheat codes, saves support, fast move forward. It is exclusively free to use with some ads in it.


This is another best emulator for android that comprises of several emulators inside it. It allows you to play your favorite games from three consoles. The controller support of VGBAnext is what makes it outstanding among other android emulators. It is highly compatible with all android devices. It even has a network play feature with which you can play your loved games on wireless networks easily. Another most beautiful thing present in it is a button that would enable you to rewind the game process by 16 seconds.


GBA.emu is a wonderful emulator that provides a plethora of benefits which you would not find in other emulators. It has a pre-loaded feature that allows you to play a free game on your android device to check the compatibility and experience. It is compatible with all the android smartphones having more than 1GHz processor. The distinctive feature of this emulator is that it enables you to modify the save state files with PC GBA emulator VBA-M that necessarily means that you can use your save files on your device with GBA.emu. It also helps you with cheat code support in the same format as VBA-M does to avoid any issues. It has both free and paid versions (having more amazing features), so you can download the emulator according to your needs.

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Nostalgia GBC is an effective emulator available in both free and paid versions. It contains turbo buttons, a high compatibility rate, and hardware keyboard support and on-screen controls. This emulator allows you to rewind the game to fix any segment that makes it more interesting. Its free version has pop-up advertisements and requires good internet connectivity that could be resolved by purchasing a premium one.

Pizza boy GBA

Pizza boy GBA is also the right choice for android users that do not want annoying ads in between the game. Another excellent characteristic of this emulator is that it is written with C and Assembly programming languages that make sit far better than other competitors. It is a lightweight emulator that helps you in saving your battery life.


If you want a simple GBA emulator without any additional features, then a GBA is a good choice. Unlike others, it doesn’t offer many incredible features, but it smoothly let the work done. You can play all your favorite GBA games on any android device with a smooth and effortless experience without any interruption in between. It includes the save games feature, and you can also modify the control layout as per your choice making it more comfortable to play. It has a button, called a frame skipping feature that allows you to forward the non-interesting parts of the game with a single touch. It is available for free on the Google play store.

Final words

So to enjoy the most astounding experience of GBA games on your android smartphones, you need to download a GBA emulator. You can choose any emulator from the list provided above as each one consists of some best features that you would love to access.

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