6 Best Android Lock Screen Apps

One of the most critical thing in Android phones is the screen lock. Without it, all our private data is at risk and might get exposed to the people who can use that data for malicious purposes like stealing, forging, destroying evidence and much more. The screen lock is something we will always need in order to gain access to our mobile phones. We would not want anyone to gain unauthorized access to our device. There are many applications available in order to protect your smartphones and assist you in strengthening the security of your device. In this article, we are going to talk about the best android lock screen apps.

Each and every device already has its own standalone lock screen, but there are features that are missing from them. To make it customizable and to make it look good using loads of themes and wallpapers we will secure our mobile device as well as make it look rich using one of the following 6 lock screen applications for Android.

6 Best Android Lock Screen Apps

1. Gesture Lock Screen

android lock screen

This is one of the most unique android lock screen available in the market. This application will help you unlock your mobile phone using a gesture created by you. You Can draw anything you wish be it numbers, letters, symbols, etc. There is also a fingerprint feature which has been added by the developers; you can also use pin code in order to unlock your mobile phone. You can set an alert which it shows when someone is trying to access your mobile phone using the wrong gestures, pins or fingerprint. There are lots of custom themes available so that you can make the lock screen look impressive.

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  • Use gesture controls
  • Catch the intruder using the camera
  • Hide notifications
  • Emergency password in case you forget the original password

2. Floatify Lock Screen

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You can get clean looking themes, set your own style and also get notifications using this application. You can also mark the messages as read using this application. The read messages option is an exclusive option which you will not find in any other applications.

Messages can be sent directly to the desired person from the notification bar itself, and a particular message can also be set as auto-reply. This has a sensor option, which, if activated, will make wake up the screen once you pick up the phone. You can additionally add widgets to your lock screen application in order to make it even more functional.


  • Reply to anyone using the lock screen
  • Get a custom notification page with additional functionalities
  • Control your music application
  • Change your background images, cycle through animations, use custom icons, and set custom text

3. Next Lock Screen

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The Microsoft team develops this Android lock screen app. It will assist you in fully customizing your lock screen. You can get epic wallpapers every day to rotate on your lock screen. You can choose protection using a pin, pattern or fingerprint.


  • You can use a custom unlock screen
  • You will be able to call and send messages using your lock screen
  • You can open applications like camera, Bluetooth, screen capture and loads more.
  • You can also launch your applications using the launcher.

4. Hi Locker

android lock screen

The styling category this Android lock screen application uses consists of the classic style, the iOS style, and the lollipop style. There are loads of custom things to do in this application like blurring and changing the custom themes using transitions. You can use gestures, pins or passwords to unlock your device when using the Hi Locker application. You can hide notifications if you want.

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  • Custom text on the screen
  • Double tap circular dot in order to unlock
  • Set the custom transition time between cycling wallpapers
  • Hide specific notifications

5. LokLok

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This Android lock screen is a big community of users and is a global one. There will be a board which will synchronize between you and the user who is connected. If someone updates their screen, every other screen will update as well. You can draw as well as erase stuff too.


  • Draw on your screen
  • Stay in touch with the ones you want to connect to
  • It is a hybrid lock screen + widget
  • Share your customization

6. CM locker

best android lock screen

This application will give your device a fresh look. You can customize it as you want. Choose the lock type as you want (pin, password, pattern or fingerprint lock). It includes intruder detection for snapping a picture of the user who is trying to access your phone using wrong credentials. You can set transition time for wallpapers.


  • Intruder detection
  • Intruder image capture
  • Customization
  • Notifications
  • Reply through the lock screen


The above applications are the best applications for protecting your android phones as well as for customizing them in order to make them look elegant, badass or whatever your taste is. Make sure you try each and every one of them because all of them are unique. We hope this article helps you. Good luck!

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