Best 360 Degree Camera Apps for Android

There have been a lot of techniques nowadays to make your images look better and unique. One of them is the 360 degree images which display more information than usual. You can check out and gather each and every bit of information present in any direction using just a single image and a single point of view.

Some people are told that they need a special cam in order to capture so much information and are misguided into hiring professional photographers even when the situation does not require those specifications. They are told that those applications which provide the 360 features are not useful and that is the myth. We are going to debunk the myth by presenting you with applications that are real deal and can make your Android phones much more potent than usual.

Best 360 Degree Camera Apps for Android

1. Photo 360 degree (Sfera)

This application is the first one which came with the 360 degree photo capturing feature and it is still trending. The photo 360 degree Sfera application does not use any image manipulation technique such as burst images and provide you with the real quality.


  • You can use one of the most popular feature, ‘behind you’ so that you can capture more information about the details behind you. This feature is only available for the devices which have a front facing camera.
  • You can capture a 360 degree object or get a 360 degree view around a person.
  • You can also capture 360 degree panoramas
  • There is a one tap feature which will let you share all your content to other networking websites
  • You can also capture standard landscape images
  • You can keep track of your location using the GPS recording feature
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2. CardBoard camera

360 camera app for android

This application will let you use Virtual Reality in order to capture all the 360 degree vision moments.


  • You can link this application to the Google Photos application so that it will send all the images you capture directly to the application
  • This application also consists of a one tap feature which will help you share all the fantastic content that you capture on the social networking websites.
  • Not only that, you can also record 360 degree videos.

3. Photaf Panorama Pro

360 degree video camera app

You can quickly capture all the 360 degree photos that you need using the seamless functionality this application provides. This application can also use the orientation sensor included in your mobile phone and make your images ten times more applicable.


  • Includes the 360 degree capture feature
  • One tap sharing with your all your friends and family
  • High Definition Mode
  • Custom portrait mode

4. 360cam

360 camera android app

This can be used to capture any data in the 360 degree mode so that you can look at it from each and every angle. This application only supports the Giroptic 360 degree cam.


  • You can import the 360 degree pics and videos from this camera application
  • There is a built in video player you can use to play all your 360 degree recordings and capturings
  • You can experience every bit of data in VR (Virtual Reality)
  • You can share each and everything by tapping just one button, on the most popular social networks.

5. Google Street View

panoramic camera app for android

This is one of the most appreciated applications which has been developed by the skilled developers who work Google. You can travel places and look at all the famous monuments. You can also explore greenery and mysterious things in the jungle. There are small locations such as the museums and some businesses which you can experience by staying at your house.

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  • Record all the data in 360 degrees
  • Use the camera which you have in your phone (no equipment needed)
  • Share your images with Google maps
  • You can also share everything on social media
  • Use the cardboard mode to check everything out in the Virtual Reality mode.

6. Panorama360: Capture+Share 360 photos to Facebook

panoramic camera app for android

This application has been developed by the group which is popularly known as the TeliportMe incorporated. You can capture high quality panoramas as well as 360 degree images of the highest caliber.


  • Click 360 degree images
  • Share everything you capture on social networking websites
  • There is a Geotagging feature for users who want to tag the locations
  • High Definition 360 degree images


We have mentioned the best applications available on the play store above. These applications capture the images using an algorithm which automatically corrects all the stutters. Make sure you download each and every one of them so that you know which is the right pick for you. We hope that this guide helps you. Good luck!


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