[FIXED] Bad Pool Caller Error (BAD_POOL_CALLER)

One of the worst errors that the Windows users face is the Blue Screen Of Death aka BSOD errors. The bad pool caller is one of those errors and it exists because there’s either damaged, conflicting or outdated driver in your computer. This might happen if you installed something new on your computer. The new thing might be conflicting with all the drivers. It can also be a result of BAD_POOL_CALLER error.

We have speculated several core problems. Some of the most common ones are:

  • The hardware is damaged.
  • There are drivers which are conflicting or outdated.
  • Your system is infected with malware or virus programs.
  • The registry system has entries which are corrupt.
  • There memory is malfunctioning.

Some of the most common steps which work:

  • Scan your system using an anti malware application so that it will remove any malicious program causing this error.
  • Update all your drivers using the official Intel driver update utility.
  • Use Ccleaner in order to remove all the junk from your system and also clean the registry entries which are bad and fixing the registry entries which are malfunctioning.
  • Use the Windows update utility in order to completely update all the drivers. (even the optional ones)
  • Use the system restore functionality which is provided by the Windows Operating System.

In case you are unable to boot normally, use the legacy boot mode to do so and boot into the safe mode and apply these simple procedures in order to fix the BSOD error.

We have compiled the best guide in order to fix this BSOD. There are different systems with different configurations and all those different systems face different root causes. We have therefore gathered all the legit fixes which are available on the internet as well as some external sources in a simplified manner such that an average user can easily be able to follow along.

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There have been instances where the users have cause irreversible damage to their systems. The damage is caused by the misconfiguration of certain files which are important to the operating system. Make sure you create a system restore point so that your system will be recoverable and you can go all out on all the fixes which are mentioned below.

Steps to Resolve BAD_POOL_CALLER Error

Fix 1: Perform SFC Scan

  • Start the computer into the safe mode and press the Start + X keys
  • Click on the command prompt option and make sure that you select the option to run it with administrative privileges.
  • Use the commands stated below in order to scan and check the disk:
    • sfc /scannow
      bad_pool_caller error
    • chkdsk /f C:
  • Make sure that you press the enter button after you enter each and every command into the command prompt.
  • Wait for all the scans to be done and the changes to be applied.
  • Search for memory in the search input field of your start menu and click the option called Windows Memory Diagnostic
  • Click the option to restart and check for the problems
  • What this will do is instruct the Operating system to boot and check for the errors and solve them. This should be able to fix the BAD_POOL_CALLER error.
  • Make sure that you restart your computer after you are done with all of these steps.

If the Bad Pool Caller error still persists, make sure that you move on to the next step in order to fix this issue.

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Fix 2: Verify Drivers

Before doing so, make sure that there is a system restore point which has been created so that in case of any misconfigurations, you can get back to the good old configuration.

You can simply search for the term Driver Verifier in your preferred search engine. Make sure that you download it from a trusted website so that it does not turn out to be a malicious file and make the situation even worse.

After downloading and installing the application, you can simply run the application and follow the on screen instructions. This should be able to fix the BAD_POOL_CALLER error.


This is the best guide that you can use in order to fix the BAD_POOL_CALLER error. Just make sure that you follow all the steps under each and every fix so that you can solve the errors in a hassle free manner. We hope that this guide helps you. Good luck.


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