How to Fix avastUI.exe Error? Is avastUI.exe a Virus?

The executable files which you get after installing an application are the most important because without them there’s no way to compile the code in order to execute the process and you ultimately won’t be able to start the application. The worst part is when you get an error message like the avastUI.exe error which makes it a tedious task for a normal application user to solve.

It is pretty natural that these types of errors will disgust the normal user for not being able to solve their daily issues and this is a big indicator which tells us that there is something gravely wrong with the computing device which we are using. The computing device which you are using will create an alert box on your screen interrupting whatever you are doing in order to bring this issue to your attention by user intervention. In case this happens, you must fix the problems as soon as possible because if this thing continues, it could create a chain of errors intervening with the registry system, corrupting or damaging other files and popping up more errors.

The avastUI.exe file is an executable file which is related to the avast applications which you use. In most of the cases, this error occurs when you are using an antivirus which is created by the Avast developers to protect the system.

The executable files are mainly the information files which contain the steps for the application to be compiled and run. These instructions are provided to the operating system’s compiler and therefore it leads to the execution of these software applications when you double click the EXE files.

Because of the nature of these executable files, they are used to infect or intrude your systems with malware or trojans and that is the reason we recommend you to get whatever software you are using from a trusted source to prevent scenarios where the data in your computer is destroyed.

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These errors might occur while you are trying to take some sort of action in your application when the application is up and running, or while trying to run the application.

There are different solutions you can try in order to prevent the error messages caused by the avastUi.exe

First, we will take a look at the types of error messages which you might face:

  • Cannot find avastUI.exe
  • Avastui.exe Application Error.
  • Avastui.exe not a valid Win32 application.
  • Avastui.exe encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Avastui.exe not found.
  • Error starting program avastui.exe.
  • Faulting Application Path avastui.exe.
  • Avastui.exe not running.
  • Avastui.exe  failed.

The causes of avastUI.exe error messages might be

  1. There are corrupted registry entries or keys which are directly associated with avastUI.exe or in more elaborate terms.
  2. There are infected files on the web which might’ve downloaded themselves on your computer and they are specifically designed for disabling your antivirus software.
  3. Your avastUI files might have been deleted by a third party program
  4. Some other application is creating a conflict with the files of your antivirus
  5. The file might’ve been corrupted during installation of some time after installation

Below are the bulletproof solutions we devised in order to solve this error once and for all:

How to Fix AvastUI.exe Errors

FIX 1 – Restarting the device

The first thing which any Windows user must do is restart their devices. Sometimes there are driver related issues causing a conflict in your computer.

Those issues can only be solved by restarting the computer because they help the drivers restart and the OS can figure out a way to boot them in order.

FIX 2 – Clean and repair the registry system

The registry is the central database for storing the information of your personal hardware and that is the reason it is always running. Sometimes, the files which are related to the registry, as well as the logs which are related to it get corrupted because of miscalculations and that, is the reason it is so important to close down other software pieces before installing a new one.
avastui.exe error

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Yes, the commands which are added to the registry are totally correct but other applications or some error might be causing a path block when the operating system is trying to get access.

When that happens, the errors similar to avastUI.exe appear and they start making your system slower by the minute.

Just search for the term registry cleaner on your browser and you will be able to find a number of results. Those results will include a lot of open source software pieces provided by skilled developers. You will be able to do all the cleaning and repairing with just one click. Just make sure that you download the file from a legitimate source.

FIX 3 – Disk Cleanup

There is a possibility that your PC has been infected with malware even with antivirus software installed on it.

  • Boot into the Safe mode with networking enabled.
  • Delete all the temporary files by opening Run dialog using the Start menu.
  • Type cleanmgr in it and press Ok.
    avastui.exe entry point not found
  • Once done, select the drive you want to clean.
    what is avastui.exe
  • Click Ok
  • Install a different portable virus scanner
  • Scan and eliminate the malware.
  • Reboot your PC.


Above are the best-mentioned methods to solve all the avastUI.exe errors. Be cautious about the files you download from the internet and make sure to check if the source is legitimate or not before downloading any file from the web. Hope this article helps you solve your errors.


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