How to fix app incompatibility error code 0xc1900208 on Windows 10

There are a lot of users who have been facing the app incompatibility error code 0xc1900208 on the Windows 10 Operating System. Some people want to install the creator’s update on their Windows Operating system but the app incompatibility error code 0xc1900208 is blocking them from moving any further. A lot of people have been trying to look up for the specifics which are causing this issue, but their efforts are in vain. The update cycle occurs at a frequency of two times per year and the update which was released before the creator’s update namely the Anniversary Edition, Creators update edition and the Fall Creators Update Edition. All the users using the Windows 10 Operating system will be receiving notification in order to install the latest updates along with the list of updates as well as the changelog which the updates bring along with them. They get the option to update it but cannot due to several reasons.

  • One of the issues might be the compatibility problems in their Operating Systems.
  • Another reason might be the disk space availability.
  • There might be rare occurrences like the anti-virus blocking the updates
  • There might be incompatibility issues with the software which are currently installed on the system
  • The drivers might be conflicting with each other or might be outdated

The error code which the users receive is mostly the 0xc1900208 code. This error will pop up in the middle when the people are installing the updates. The Windows Operating System users are never surprised when there are bugs causing issues because it has now become habitual and predictable.

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It is significant that you backtrack the main thing causing this issue so that you can solve this problem easily. This error is not clear but our professionals say that if it has occurred on your computer, it indicates that there are compatibility issues in one of the software applications. There are applications related to the security of your computing system, and they are listed in the incompatible section.

The error statement which you might receive is: We couldn’t complete the updates. Undoing changes. Don’t turn off your computer. Error: Failure configuring Windows Updates, reverting changes.

In case you did not note down the error which you received while updating the Microsoft Windows Operating System, follow the below steps in order to check the error history of your Windows PC.

  • Press the start + I key in order to get into the settings menu
  • Click the button labeled as Update and Security
  • Click the Windows Update Button
  • Select the Update History button
  • Click the More Info button below that has caused this error on your computer

Steps to fix the app incompatibility error code 0xc1900208 on the Windows 10 Operating System:

Fix 1: Uninstalling the third-party applications on your Computing system

  • First open up the Task Manager and start by disabling the third-party security software.
  • Press the Start + I button and open up the Uninstall utility
  • Search for the antivirus application which you want to uninstall
  • Press the Start + R key and type the command regedit in it
  • Press the Ok button and click Edit and Find
  • Search for the name of the antivirus software which you uninstalled and delete everything that comes up with the name of your antivirus or anything related to it.
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Fix 2: Disable unnecessary applications and boot up your computer

  • Press the Start + R button to open up the Run dialog
  • Type the msconfig command in the input field and hit the Enter button
  • Open up the Services tab in the msconfig menu.
  • Make sure to enable the ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ option and then move on to the next step
    error 0xc1900208
  • Select the ‘Disable all’ option and then open the Startup tab
    error code 0xc1900208
  • Click the button to open the Start Manager
  • Open the Startup section and disable each and every array of Startup option
  • Close everything after applying the changes and restart your computer

If clean booting the computer solved all your issues then you can slowly enable the startup services one by one in order to track down that one service or multiple services which are causing interference with your update functionality and delete the one if you manage to find it.


The above methods are a bulletproof way to solve all your errors. Make sure you follow our guide thoroughly and also do not miss any step in order to update your computer and solve the app incompatibility error code 0xc1900208 on the Windows 10 Operating System in a hassle-free manner. We hope that this guide helps you out. Good Luck!


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