8 Best Android Emulators For Windows PC [EXCLUSIVE]

Android is increasingly becoming popular with its powerful features and extraordinary capabilities. But sometimes, there is substantial unique competency of PC, that will be inappropriate and no-win on Android devices. For example, gamers would want to exploit the mouse, keyboard, and graphics card abilities of PC to enhance comfort and get a high-quality experience. Android developers would want to test their app on PC, coupled with high specifications, before releasing it into the play store. Thus, we are releasing a list of Best Android Emulator for PC.

In these cases, one would want to use android emulators designed for PCs, to get the first-hand experience of the same.

The process of using these emulators on PC is barely easy, and you need a little touch of technical knowledge. If so, you are good to go ahead and read the specs of some of the best android emulators available and pick the one that would fit in the gap well.

Best Android Emulator For PC :

Nox App Player

android emulator for pc

  • NOX App is one best preferable Android Emulator which is designed aiming the gamers in mind. This only establishes that it is designed to handle heavy gaming requirements of RAM and Video capabilities. The settings allow you to choose the CPU and RAM specifications to enhance user experience accordingly.
  • The emulator uses the mouse, keypad and gamepad capabilities. It also allows you to configure keys and assign gestures and movements. For instance, you can decide the keys to swipe up. It boots up the device within a minute.
  • It allows you to play with multiple screens on a single device.
  • It also supports the use of other android apps on PC and is not restricted to provide just the gaming experience. It is easy to install and is currently base on Android version(4.4.2). It is free of any sponsored ads and smooth with all apps.
  • It is best suited to play games like PUBG and Justice League netting the current trend.



android emulator

  • This is the bang on popular one among the android emulators. All hardcore gamers will have this known very well. This is one of the earliest and reasonably well-played android emulators. It specifically was designed for gamers. It allows for key mapping and multiple screens to be open at a time, for multiple games at once. It is ridiculously easy to install and get started.
  • However, this is heavy on the system and has sponsored ads on the free version. It doesn’t go well with gestures and is sluggish with productive apps other than gaming apps. It is now available for the latest Android version of Nougat(7.1.2) and is the only app pushed to map the advanced android version. Bluestacks 4 is released in 2018 but is not the very stable one. Yet it has improved speed that works well even on old PCs.
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android emulator pc

  • This is relatively a new bee in this market. Released in 2015, it is again an emulator designed for a better gaming experience. One of the features of this emulator is, it supports both AMD and NVIDIA chips. It also supports different android versions like Jelly Bean, Lollipop and Kit Kat. It is currently available for Lollipop and works like a flash with productivity apps.
  • However, when it comes to graphics, it takes a dip. The video quality with respect the noise cancellation is little lesser, and you can see the lack of smoothness and sharpness compared to other best emulators. Speed wise, this is comparable to BlueStacks and Nox App Player.
  • It also supports key mapping like other emulators for gaming.


android emulator for pc

  • This is a developer-friendly app. This doesn’t go into the mainstream emulators supporting gamers. It has features that let developers test their apps thoroughly on multiple simulators. Simulators range from Android 4.1 to the recent one with all available Android devices. The user can select any device with any android version and test the app without any lag.
  • This can be installed on Mac and Linux systems as well.
  • It is not a great choice for an average user but helps the developers indeed with all free features.

Ko Player

best android emulator

  • This is one of the new emulators in the market. Nevertheless, it has managed to float to one of the most used emulators’ lists.
  • It maps with the keypad well, and keys can be configured for gestures.
  • It is lightweight and is lag free. Players will be able to record the game and upload anywhere. It is free of cost, and some ads might be seen here and there occasionally.
  • However, the app is known to freeze almost in the middle of nowhere and would leave you startled for long. It is also claimed to be buggy.
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Android Studio

android emulator for windows

  • This is the programmer’s favorite land. This is one of the best emulators available for developers to work on. It comes with many features of thorough debussing, compiling and hosting the programs written on different servers. It has fewer features for a gamer or a typical user to choose for.
  • But, it is very tricky to install and configure, and only a developer can rig up this emulator to use.


best android emulator for pc

  • This lists in one of the newer emulators available for PC. This is was last supported in 201, March. There is no more support available now. It is pretty easy to set up, and most people likely will face no problem dealing with it. It is free of cost and is available for Mac.
  • Be careful while choosing this, as it is still a little buggy.

Remix OS

android emulator pc

  • This is a Jide Technology product, a team formed by former Google employees. This is an Android OS that you can load into USB and boot into any device. It can give the user an Android experience on the PC and helps you run the productivity apps. It fails miserably to handle gaming requirements.
  • Note that there is no official Remix OS support available. It is an excellent emulator to have an overall android experience.

Above were a few Popular and useful Android emulators that work on Windows. Hope you are equipped well to choose your one!


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